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PowerNation: Engine Power

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Pro engine tips on assembling and tuning everything from street engines to full-race motors.

Latest episodes

aired 114 days ago
Test standards for an engine that must survive.
aired 261 days ago
The stroked 408 ci Windsor receives all the parts it needs to make big power.
aired 282 days ago
A viewer's 1979 F100 is running a little rough and the experts have the parts and know-how to get his ride back on the road.
aired 289 days ago
The test sled gets loaded with rugged pieces such as an accessory drive and custom tail lights.
aired 296 days ago
A Dodge Challenger gets a major power upgrade.
aired 303 days ago
Our LME 427 ci LS receives a high-tech turbo system that will produce big numbers on the dyno!
aired 352 days ago
The rolling dyno sled receives a fuel system, intercooler, and hand-built exhaust; a look inside Dustless Blasting's manufacturing facility.
aired 420 days ago
A look at the graduates of SAMTech who have found a home in NHRA racing.
aired 433 days ago
Summit Racing turns to Engine Power for a bullet to beat exotics.
aired 580 days ago
The shop's latest addition is a cylinder hone that'll make quick work of custom engines.
aired 616 days ago
The UMP dirt track race car makes its debut at Modified Mania in St. Louis.
aired 748 days ago
A takeout LQ4 powerplant becomes the test bed for a series of affordable engine upgrades.
aired 775 days ago
The split-bumper Camaro's powerplant gets put to the test on the engine dyno; questioning whether it will lay down 600+ horsepower.
aired 782 days ago
Taking delivery of the Camaro's custom chassis; filling it with race-ready components.
aired 789 days ago
A 440ci Motown engine with LS induction powers our 1973 Split Bumper Camaro racecar.
aired 803 days ago
The Triple Threat Camaro will soon be ready for the drag strip and the road course.
aired 804 days ago
A 512-cubic-inch Big Block Mopar goes from stout street engine to pump gas race bullet.
aired 810 days ago
Setting up GM's LQ4 and Ford's Windsor with comparable parts to find out which one makes more power.
aired 811 days ago
A Factory Stock coyote-powered Mustang hits the roller, seeking maximum power for the drag strip.
aired 818 days ago
The '74 Glencoe Jet Boat receives a 540 cu big block designed for high-speed fun on the water.
aired 825 days ago
Dyno testing a jet boat engine; the Olds 455 power plant gains more power with a top-end upgrade.

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