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Truck Tech

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How to restore, modify, customize and paint classic 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.

Latest episodes

aired today
The engine goes back together in the '74 Ford as the guys hope to improve power of this weak 351 Windsor; new rubber, rims and custom exhaust will wrap up stage 1.
aired 7 days ago
Inspiration on what an F100 could become when concept designer Daniel Maffett draws up three options; performing a top end kit to freshen a weak 351W.
aired 14 days ago
To get the '30 Ford street rod down to the ground, the crew cuts the frame in half, drops it eight inches, then welds it back together to get the classic sitting in the weeds.
aired 21 days ago
Finishing up the drop by modifying the rear of the Pete & Jake's chassis, which will be slammed to the ground with suspension to accommodate.
aired 28 days ago
The measly 146 HP at the wheels will be a distant memory when the freshened up Ford gets slapped back on the chassis dyno; the newly modified truck is up against its own baseline at the race track.
airs in 6 days
Taking delivery of a Nissan NV2500 and tricking it out to become the new PowerNation Driveway Rescue rig; helping viewers with their truck tribulations with the mobile workshop.
aired 63 days ago
Two projects advance at the same time; LT tackles a rear end upgrade on the F100; Jeremy starts a supercharger install on Klassy K5.
aired 70 days ago
A 1974 F-100 returns to the shop for its first round of upgrades; bolting on some budget suspension upgrades that will lower it four inches closer to the ground, then throwing on some sway bars to reduce body roll.
aired 77 days ago
Project Klassy K5 gets its first coat of high build primer, then gets blocked down smooth; building some new shop equipment that will help modify the frame of the 1930 Model A hot rod.
aired 84 days ago
The guys pick up a new project, a 1974 Ford F-100, and bring it back to the shop for a quick inspection; heading off to the dyno for a baseline, and off to the road course for a thorough shakedown run.
aired 91 days ago
Project Klassy K5 gets one step closer to wearing its final coat of paint; the cab and firewall receive a coat of BMW Protronic Blue, then get reunited with the chassis for good; the guys explain some body work basics.
aired 98 days ago
Continuing the transformation of the 1930 Model A into a modern day street rod; visiting a master builder with a powerful passion for finding the true purpose hidden inside old classics.
aired 112 days ago
How to restore, modify, customize and paint classic 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.
aired 113 days ago
How to restore, modify, customize and paint classic 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.
aired 147 days ago
The stage two short bed Silverado HD gets a custom tune and dyno run; the Duramax and new turbo upgrades go through the paces on the street and strip during BBQ and Burnouts.
aired 148 days ago
How to restore, modify, customize and paint classic 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.
aired 154 days ago
The Stage 2 Silverado gets a final once-over in preparation for "Engine Power"'s BBQ and Burnouts exhibition on the drag strip; how to prepare and paint plastic.
aired 168 days ago
Delving into the inner workings of a diesel engine and building more power with upgraded components now that the 6.6L Duramax has pulled out.
aired 175 days ago
How to restore, modify, customize and paint classic 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.
aired 176 days ago
The SuperMax Silverado gets a beefy transmission along with exhaust and suspension upgrades to finish up the Stage 2 upgrades.
aired 190 days ago
The Blazer chassis gets its big block and transmission inside the frame rails; the SuperMax Silverado LB7 is fully dressed with turbo, charge and intake pipes.

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