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How to restore, modify, customize and paint classic 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.

Latest episodes

aired 235 days ago
The 2011 Diesel Denali nicknamed Dragonali gets lowered and de-badged, plus a viewers' driveway rescueing their beat up pick-up.
aired 263 days ago
LT and Austin pull the new '65 C10 project off the rollback and take it for a test drive.
aired 288 days ago
With Dragonali about to get torn down, a discussion about what goes into planning and building a diesel project truck.
aired 301 days ago
The '65 Chevy C10 gets prepped for a custom interior; the rescue of a '96 Ram 3500.
aired 315 days ago
The 1965 C10's patina meets a pearl that has to be seen; plus, it gets a locking differential conversion.
aired 343 days ago
LT and Austin purchase a 2011 Sierra Denali HD; they are on the road in Indy for coverage of the Ultimate Callout Challenge.
aired 358 days ago
Configuring a turbo setup on the '65 C10's 292 straight six.
aired 386 days ago
A beefy transmission and gear swap wraps up the Silverado giveaway truck.
aired 450 days ago
Big power adders compliment the lifted Silverado giveaway truck.
aired 467 days ago
The '14 Silverado has big wheels and tires.
aired 648 days ago
Demonstrating the inner workings of a performance transmission to answer the question of how it can withstand 800 horsepower; tradition meets 5000 HP at the granddaddy of all tractor pulls.
aired 662 days ago
How to re-wire a truck with a simple color-coded kit; Klassy K5 Blazer's fiberglass topper desperately needs a refresh; demonstrating how to apply color-matched bedliner to the exterior for a custom look.
aired 669 days ago
The crew increases the horsepower of the 2016 Ram dually; a second generation fuel system is installed with new injection and lift pumps to support 770 HP.
aired 676 days ago
Klassy K5 returns from fresh paint for reassembly and interior goodies; the dress-up of the Ram 1-ton dually with mega-bumpers and headache rack.
aired 683 days ago
The Ram 1-ton dually gets a bigger and badder turbo setup with more airflow for more horsepower; Advanced Plating in Nashville, Tenn., shows how to powder coat suspension parts.
aired 804 days ago
Finishing up the drop by modifying the rear of the Pete & Jake's chassis, which will be slammed to the ground with suspension to accommodate.
aired 810 days ago
The measly 146 HP at the wheels will be a distant memory when the freshened up Ford gets slapped back on the chassis dyno; the newly modified truck is up against its own baseline at the race track.
aired 816 days ago
Taking delivery of a Nissan NV2500 and tricking it out to become the new PowerNation Driveway Rescue rig; helping viewers with their truck tribulations with the mobile workshop.
aired 823 days ago
The engine goes back together in the '74 Ford as the guys hope to improve power of this weak 351 Windsor; new rubber, rims and custom exhaust will wrap up stage 1.
aired 830 days ago
Inspiration on what an F100 could become when concept designer Daniel Maffett draws up three options; performing a top end kit to freshen a weak 351W.
aired 837 days ago
To get the '30 Ford street rod down to the ground, the crew cuts the frame in half, drops it eight inches, then welds it back together to get the classic sitting in the weeds.

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