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Featured shows

The fortunes of America's wildlife icons in Yellowstone, the most extensive thermal area on Earth.
Real experiences of British soldiers in World War I.
A history of the Roman Empire and its leaders.
A look at how dogs have become part of human life and the closest of companions.
Drama-documentary series in which historians Dan Jones and Suzannah Lipscomb bring to life the scandal, romance and betrayal that characterised Henry VIII's six marriages.
Brian Cox trata de comprender el tiempo. Desde un calendario hasta las Playas de Costa Rica.
Physicist Brian Cox discusses various aspects of the universe, featuring a "wonder" related to each featured topic. Among the topics covered are the nature of time, relating humans to the life cycles of stars and the effect of gravity across the universe.
Dazzling computer animation highlights this six-hour "speculative documentary" following the lives of dinosaurs from their beginning to their zenith -- and their eventual decline during the Cretaceous period. The computer-generated imagery and animatronics used in the series show dinosaurs in a way you would expect to see in a feature film.
Dokumentärserie om det forntida Egypten.
Geologist Iain Stewart demonstrates the power of plants and the crucial role they have played in the Earth's evolution. The three-part series reveals how plants harnessed light from the sun.
Contemporary issues in science are explored.
Commander Stephen Hawking pilots his space ship on the journey of a lifetime.
What is life? And how did it begin? Professor Brian Cox explores the globe to reveal how a few fundamental laws of science gave birth to the most complex, and unique, feature of the universe. In the five-part series, Cox -- a professor of physics at the University of Manchester in England -- travels from the Philippines to the U.S., Madagascar and Mexico to explore life through physics, and concludes that, far from demanding a mystical explanation, the emergence of life might be an inevitable consequence of the physical laws that govern the universe.
"Earth: The Biography" reveals the geological forces that have shaped the planet, specifically volcanoes, the oceans, the atmosphere and ice. Computer-generated imagery and the use of satellite photography offer a balance between dramatic visuals and illuminating facts, while time-lapse photography brings the planet to life.
Richard Hammond explores how animals' attributes and abilities have inspired human inventions.
Professor Brian Cox explores mankind's origins, place and destiny in the universe.
Explore the wonders of the human body. Michael Mosley takes us on a voyage through our own bodies.
Uncovering how similar humans really are to animals using a new generation of spy cameras.
Kate Humble and Dr. Helen Czerski go on a mission to chronicle the devastating effects of Earth's movements. By following its voyage around the sun for one complete orbit, 584 million miles, Humble and Czerski discover why the planet tilts and how this results in such weather events as monsoons. They also find that some of the smallest changes in Earth's movement caused ice ages and that another glacial period could happen in the future.
Neil Oliver heads for Scandinavia to reveal the truth behind the legend of the Vikings.
Evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod discovers how bones have enabled animals to colonize the Earth.