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Detroit Muscle

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Part of the "PowerNation" series of syndicated automotive programs, "Detroit Muscle" delights fans of 1960s and '70s era muscle cars -- and the Motor City's latest modern muscle machines -- by detailing step-by-step restoration and modification projects. From fitting a 1967 Galaxy with a 347 turbo to showing how a 50-year-old Mustang can handle like a late-model pony, the show's crew aims to make cars go fast and look pretty.

Latest episodes

aired 145 days ago
Project Street Regal has its dated vinyl top removed; some goodies are added to the front of the Mustang Project Sydewinder.
aired 145 days ago
Getting new wheels and tires for Project Sydewinder means making sure it clears; body work on an '85 Buick.
aired 173 days ago
The '81 Mustang Cobra gets fuel and cooling systems, and Project Street Regal gets some upgrades to its dated interior.
aired 205 days ago
Tommy and Marc head on an automotive history lesson at the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in the U.S., the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.
aired 215 days ago
Final touches are added to the '69 Hellcat Powered Dodge Charger as it prepares to hit the road.
aired 218 days ago
The EBC Mustang Sweepstakes car gets new suspension, wheels and tires, as well as an upgraded brake and rotor package.
aired 226 days ago
A look at what the future of the automotive industry has in store; a custom carpet gets added to the Hellcat Hard Charger.
aired 232 days ago
Finishing the interior of the 1966 Pontiac convertible; a Driveway Rescue to assist a viewer with a 1969 Cutlass project.
aired 260 days ago
Project Hard Charger gets the front end buttoned up and help restore a cranky Camaro.
aired 275 days ago
Mustang Sydewinder heads to the Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals to show all the action; Sydewinder gets put through the paces on the track.
aired 280 days ago
Tips for finding and buying a project; Sydewinder details.
aired 286 days ago
Brakes and suspension are added to the EBC giveaway Mustang.
aired 303 days ago
An installation of a new convertible top on the OPGI Pontiac; Tommy makes his way to Las Vegas for LS Fest West.
aired 367 days ago
Tommy and Marc bring back an old project car to the shop, the Hellcat '69 Charger.
aired 383 days ago
Marc and Tommy introduce the new Ford Mustang GT Giveaway car from EBC.
aired 412 days ago
We take Project Sydewinder to get it's suspension setup for the track. Plus, Tommy and Marc get a rare look inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum Vault.
aired 516 days ago
A recap and forecast on the projects in the shop; installing a new drivetrain and chassis on the Buick Project Street Regal.
aired 565 days ago
Sydewinder gets its engine bay buttoned up and a whole new interior.
aired 579 days ago
The 1969 Dodge Charger gets an all-new rear suspension and an upgraded dash.
aired 586 days ago
The Fox Body Cobra project gets an upgraded fuel system installed; Tommy takes a trip to California to check out Original Parts Group and a car show.
aired 593 days ago
It's time to reveal the engine that's going to power the 1969 Charger project; a viewer's Chevelle gets a helping hand with a Driveway Rescue.

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