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Hot Rod Garage

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The project build show from Hot Rod magazine with Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa.

Latest episodes

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Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa hop up the LS-based Chevy V-8, Toyota turbo six-cylinder 2JZ and the beastly 5.9L Cummins Turbodiesel and put them to the test.
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Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take a standard 1979 four-door Chevy Malibu and rebuild it for speed.
aired 19 days ago
Lucky Costa's personal '66 Chevelle gets major upgrades to its 6.0L LS truck engine.
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Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take their '65 LeMans project and turn it into a road-trip hauler and put it to the test on a trip of their own.
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Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa dive into the red-hot C10 truck market and show how to build a killer shortbed truck on a longbed budget.
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Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa turn a 2005 Dodge Magnum into a "Dad-Rod," the ultimate ride for a new dad.
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Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa try to stuff a V-8 engine into a tiny British car.
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Tony Angelo, Lucky Costa and guest Lindsay Ross transform a banged-up 1987 Chevrolet G10 work van into a 1977 Boogie Van clone.
aired 35 days ago
Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa perform a complete suspension upgrade on the most iconic 1957 Chevy of all times, Project X.
VOD available
Tony is building a 1972 `Cuda, dubbed Fishtail, into a Drift Muscle car to be featured at the 2016 SEMA show; this first FishTail episode covers the design and fabrication of a completely custom suspension system using a full inventory of QA1 parts.
aired 42 days ago
Setting out to build a good old-fashioned sleeper; a very innocent-looking and long-forgotten 1965 Plymouth Fury III wagon; reviving an old Mopar 400 big-block from Rollsmokey.
VOD available
Getting hands on a hot-rodding icon, Project X; in 1965, Popular Hot Rodding purchased an unremarkable 1957 Chevy 210 and began a 50-build legacy using it as a testbed.
VOD available
Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take the HRG project cars from last season and drag race them against each other; the Project X gets fit with new brakes and wheels; the Bonemaro and Chevelle each get drivetrain upgrades.
aired 49 days ago
The team upgrade the engine on a low-budget drag project before they build a turbo system for it out of sourced parts.
VOD available
The Drift 'Cuda is back; Project Fishtail, Tony Angelo's dream drift muscle car build, gets some suspension upgrades and sees some track time.
aired 61 days ago
The guys set out to build some dirt-cheap speed; with a modest budget in-hand, they find the "bonemaro" in the California desert and things start rolling.
aired 68 days ago
Finally seeing what kind of times we can hit with our dirt-cheap 1979 Turbo Camaro, bonemaro; spending the rest of our $10,000 budget to get all 530 whp to the pavement.
aired 77 days ago
Hosts Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa finish the build of their new, ultimate shop truck: the Crown Hick.
aired 82 days ago
The guys show how to perform the ultimate body swap and build a solid budget shop truck.
aired 89 days ago
Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take their trusty shop truck, the Crown Hick, a 1966 Ford F-100 sitting on a 2007 Crown Victoria complete chassis, and add boost for more power.
VOD available
Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa swap in a junkyard-fresh 5.3L on a low-buck drag project, the Bonemaro; they perform some critical upgrades along the way.