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McMillan and Wife

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A police commissioner and his wife fight crime in San Francisco.

Latest episodes

aired 273 days ago
Kidnappers replace Mac with an exact double (Rock Hudson in a dual role) as part of a plan to murder a witness against a mob boss (Andrew Duggan).
aired 280 days ago
Enright becomes Policeman of the Year, then faces charges of shooting his ex-wife while they were locked in a room; guests Kenneth Mars, Michael Ansara.
aired 287 days ago
Sally's things are found at the place of an admiring musician (Keir Dullea) after a murder attempt; guests Edie Adams, Don Mitchell.
aired 294 days ago
A business tycoon (Dick Haymes) reportedly commits suicide, but his body lands three hours after his death-leap; guests Barbara Feldon, Tom Bosley.
aired 301 days ago
Mac and Sally attend a the seance of a friend (Sharon Acker), whose murdered husband (Philip Carey) appears; guests Cameron Mitchell, Eileen Brennan, Paul Richards.
aired 308 days ago
Despite contrary evidence, Mac does not believe an old flame (Barbara McNair) murdered her husband; guests Michael Ansara, Bobby Troup.
aired 315 days ago
A killer terrorizing San Francisco traps Mac and Sally at home and pumps the sealed house full of lethal gas; guest Lawrence Pressman.
aired 323 days ago
A master jewel thief returns from a 10-year retirement and kidnaps Sally to expose the only person who knows him; guests Claude Akins, Jon Cypher, Marj Dusay.
aired 330 days ago
When an autographed football reveals a murder, a professional quarterback (Don Stroud) appears to be guilty; guests John Anderson, Andrew Duggan, Peter Bonerz, Jackie Coogan.
aired 337 days ago
At a masquerade ball, a friend of the McMillans is murdered, and several become suspects; guests Cesare Danova, Ed Flanders, Tyne Daly.
aired 344 days ago
Kidnappers' demand of $100,000 for a woman's (June Havoc) husband and dog interrupt Mac and Sally's holiday; guest Wally Cox.
aired 351 days ago
Mac investigates after Sally, searching for her china on moving day, opens a barrel and finds a body which then disappears; guests Kenneth Mars, David Huddleston, Carmen Zapata.
aired 358 days ago
Sally worries when Enright resigns to marry a wealthy woman (Meredith Baxter Birney) and work for a data firm; guests Don Porter, Ron Silver.
aired 365 days ago
After an earthquake, Mac and Sally discover an old skeleton in their fireplace.
aired 372 days ago
Trying for Mac, a mob boss (Alan Manson) kills the bride of Mac's friend (Henry Darrow); guests Lew Ayres, Geraldine Brooks, Susan Sullivan, Lawrence Pressman.
aired 379 days ago
A birthday celebration for a friend (William Demarest) of Mac's mother (Mildred Natwick) ends in a murder attempt; guests Pat Harrington, Jack Gilford.
aired 386 days ago
Mac investigates his future brother-in-law's suspicious background.
aired 393 days ago
All the police, including Mac, on a train bound for a Los Angeles convention are suspects in the murder of an anti-police author; guests James McEachin, Linda Evans, Paul Burke, Murray Matheson.
aired 400 days ago
While Mildred is on jury duty, a fellow juror is murdered and the prime suspect is the defendant.
aired 407 days ago
An old spy friend declared dead 10 years before is shot during a meeting with Mac; guests Jose Feliciano, Donna Mills, Barry Sullivan, Larry Pennell.
aired 414 days ago
The son (George Maharis) of a slain tycoon (Andrew Duggan) uses his newspaper to pressure police to find the suspect (Robert Wolders).

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