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A private detective collects rewards from insurance companies.

Latest episodes

aired 230 days ago
Banacek meets the near-owner (Sterling Hayden) of a desert town when an airliner vanishes after an emergency landing; with Victoria Principal, Jack Kelly.
aired 237 days ago
A millionaire (Scott Brady) commissions a sculptor (Gary Lockwood) to create a mammoth work, which is stolen before its unveiling; with Don Stroud, Candy Clark.
aired 244 days ago
A hypochondriac's (Anne Baxter) $2.5 million computer and medical software are stolen; with Paul Richards.
aired 251 days ago
A playboy (Cesar Romero), his girlfriend (Sue Ane Langdon) and a rich man (John Saxon) appear to have stolen a Greek chalice from the Boston Museum.
aired 258 days ago
Banacek is faced with a puzzling case after a jewel-encrusted coach weighing 2,000 pounds is taken from a locked steel container.
aired 265 days ago
Stock shares are stolen before a firm's takeover by a restaurant chain; with Jessica Walter, Gregory Sierra, David White, Jason Evers, Liam Dunn.
aired 272 days ago
A hotel photographer (Margot Kidder) unwittingly provides a clue when $1 million disappears from a casino; with Don Porter.
aired 279 days ago
A coin expert (Kevin McCarthy) deposits a priceless collection in a hotel vault later found empty; with Pernell Roberts, Brenda Vaccaro, Roger C. Carmel, Logan Ramsey.
aired 286 days ago
Banacek suspects mob involvement when someone steals a crime czar's (Broderick Crawford) gift to the church; with Louise Sorel, Victor Jory.
aired 293 days ago
A French impressionist collection vanishes en route from Boston to New York; with Penny Fuller, Mike Farrell, David Spielberg.
aired 300 days ago
Banacek has three suspects in the theft of a tycoon's (David Wayne) priceless book; with David Doyle, Richard Schaal, Stella Stevens, Ted Cassidy.
aired 307 days ago
A star halfback vanishes beneath tacklers during a televised game, leaving his helmet behind; with Stefanie Powers, Madlyn Rhue, Marty Ingels, Curt Gowdy, Charlie Jones.

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"Columbo" isn't the typical detective whodunit TV show. On most detective shows, viewers don't know who committed the crime until the detective pieces the clues together and figures it out. On this show, however, viewers see the crime unfold at the beginning of most episodes, including who the perpetrator is. The mystery and fun for viewers is trying to spot the clues that will lead Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) to discover the culprit and watching the tricks he uses to get a confession. Episodes of "Columbo" were movie-length and ran sporadically on multiple networks during its run.
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