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A New Mexico deputy marshal is assigned to Manhattan's 27th Precinct.

Latest episodes

aired 275 days ago
People (Mills Watson, Don Ameche) who stole McCloud's hat meet sudden death; with Jaclyn Smith, Roger C. Carmel, Philip Carey, Liam Dunn.
aired 282 days ago
A racketeers war threatens a tailor (Danny Thomas) and implicates wounded Broadhurst; with Cesare Danova, Louis Gossett Jr.
aired 289 days ago
The mounted patrol, McCloud and a sergeant (Julie Sommars) probe a weapons robbery and death; with Michael Parks, Mark Richman.
aired 296 days ago
An amorous actress (Leslie Parrish) and egotistic actor (Larry Hagman) hinder McCloud's movie-set murder investigation; with Fernando Lamas.
aired 303 days ago
A sheriff's (Gordon MacRae) search for a runaway (Kay Lenz) leads to a Greenwich Village nightclub owner (Shelley Winters).
aired 310 days ago
McCloud disobeys a lieutenant (Pat Hingle) to investigate a loan shark (Christopher George) he suspects of murder; with Lynda Day George, A Martinez.
aired 324 days ago
A mobster's girlfriend (Laraine Stephens) links an assault on a football player and her lover's (Jack Kelly) murder; with Van Johnson, Della Reese, Teri Garr.
aired 331 days ago
McCloud tests a bank's security and is robbed by four Western-style bandits; with Stefanie Powers, Linda Evans, Lloyd Nolan, William Daniels, Pat O'Brien.
aired 338 days ago
A dead girl's body vanishes from McCloud's balcony, leading to a killer stalking call girls; with Neville Brand, Joanna Pettet, Ross Martin, Steve Allen.
aired 345 days ago
McCloud seeks an assassin (Eric Braeden) killing from Rome to New York, and finds a jade horse; with Harry Guardino, Nehemiah Persoff.
aired 352 days ago
Cat burglars work as flight attendants, from Europe to the Caribbean; with Britt Ekland, Jo Ann Pflug, Patrick O'Neal, Lincoln Kilpatrick.
aired 359 days ago
When Australian and New York police commissioners are killed, McCloud and Clifford investigate international mob kingpins; with Lloyd Bochner.
aired 366 days ago
A model (Kim O'Brien) vanishes in the Middle East, leading McCloud and a reporter (Anne Archer) to an American slaver; with Michael Ansara.
aired 373 days ago
McCloud poses as a businessman to crack an arson ring he suspects in a teen's death; with Robert Reed, George Gaynes.
aired 380 days ago
McCloud and Broadhurst guard a labor-union accountant (Gig Young), seek a call girl (Bernadette Peters) who paints customers, and help in a police strike.
aired 387 days ago
New Mexico convicts (Neville Brand, Greg Mullavey, James Wainwright) seeking loot beat McCloud and kidnap his girlfriend; with Tracy Reed.
aired 394 days ago
Irritated McCloud resigns and seeks a man's (Chief Dan George) grandson, involved with thieves; with Don Meredith, Sharon Farrell.
aired 401 days ago
McCloud poses as a singer's (Barbi Benton) manager to trap a producer (Jessica Walter) helping a pirating mobster (Raymond St. Jacques); with Lorna Luft.
aired 408 days ago
A dead woman's vengeful sister (Mariette Hartley) pursues her brother-in-law to Mexico City, but an assassin (Clu Gulager) finds him first.
aired 464 days ago
A New York policewoman (Louise Lasser) in Hawaii helps McCloud clear Clifford of killing a nightclub singer (Don Ho); with James Gregory, Martha Hyer.
aired 478 days ago
McCloud protects an executive (Patrick O'Neal) who refuses to believe he is in danger from a killer (James Olson); with Jack Carter, Randolph Mantooth.

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