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The hosts of "Officially Amazing" pursue amazing feats of skill. In this pursuit, the presenters find themselves participating in some ridiculous challenges ranging from the largest collection of rubber ducks and fastest time to enter a suitcase to the fastest time to cram in a box. These feats include a wide variety of people and even includes animals doing extraordinary things. The program takes place in front of a live audience of 100 kids who then vote on the outcome of every record attempt. Guinness World Records adjudicators Mark McKinley and Shantha Chinniah are on hand to ensure each attempt is official. Hosted by Ben Shires, Al Jackson, and Haruka Karoda.

Latest episodes

aired 277 days ago
Members of the England handball team aim to claim a record on Lowestoft beach.
aired 277 days ago
Ben Shires goes to France to watch Frankie Zapata ride a water-powered hover board and attempt a record for the most jet-powered back flips.
aired 278 days ago
Happy Harry the dog attempts a goal-scoring record; a man tries to support the weight of an entire helicopter on his shoulders; a party blower challenge.
aired 278 days ago
Chloe Bruce tries to break ninja record; the best bum scooter.
aired 278 days ago
A record attempt for the most jet-powered back flips; an 11-year-old Australian tries to break the record for the most spiders on the body; a musical look at records involving two-headed animals, blood-drinking birds and many more spooky sights.
aired 279 days ago
World records are attempted for the fastest 100-metre water ski towed by a rowing boat, the most cones knocked down by a Frisbee and the most jokes told in a minute.
aired 449 days ago
Parking a car in the smallest space possible; a man in Italy tries to lift a woman using the power of his facial hair.
aired 466 days ago
Ben dons a yellow jumper and heads to France to witness a French BMX expert attempt to break a record for the most front wheel nose spins on a bike.
aired 467 days ago
Ben is in Northampton to witness two Team GB trampolinists attempt a record that combines incredible skill, fitness and grace. In Italy, three bodybuilders attempt a record involving gargantuan strength and cars.
aired 468 days ago
Officially Competitive becomes a frenzy of speed as Mr. Cherry, US Ray and Sizzling Steve try to break the world record for the fastest 20m crab walk.
aired 469 days ago
The race to see who will be crowned Officially Competitive champion heats up as US Ray, Mr. Cherry and the UK's Sizzling Steve take on another record viewers can attempt at home using lemons, a tape measure, a blindfold, and a friend who can throw.
aired 470 days ago
Two teenage extreme pogo jumpers try to flip their way into the record books; two swimmers attempt a record for underwater archery.
aired 471 days ago
Two of the world's best wakeboarders try to spin and flip their way to record-breaking glory; record attempt from an average-sized man with a tiny unicycle; a pool-playing wizard tries to make history in a speed-record attempt.
aired 472 days ago
Free runner Toby tries to leap into the record books; wonder dog Norman tries to become the world's fastest dog on a bike; a record for the most custard pies thrown in one minute.
aired 473 days ago
Trail biking expert Joe Oakley attempts to break a record for hopping over nine barrels on his bike; US Ray and Mr. Cherry head to a school for a whoopee cushion challenge; Norman the wonder dog tries to break a record for riding a scooter.
aired 474 days ago
The Moffatt brothers attempt the world's first triple parallel park; Alistair attempts to break a record for driving a car through an impossibly small gap on two wheels; a woman's secret skill involves being bendy and the use of a bow and arrow.
aired 475 days ago
Real-life cowboy Will Roberts tries to prove himself to be the best in the Wild West; acrobatic Germans attempt the record for the most water removed from a glass with a straw while doing front flips.
aired 476 days ago
Figure skaters Alex and JD try to break two records: the most headbangers in 30 seconds and the longest back flip on ice; a record attempt from China involves unbelievable soccer skills; Ben attempts a record.
aired 477 days ago
Acrobatic basketball wizards Acrodunk try to twist, twirl, flip and dunk their way into the record books; a group of presenters try to crack a record for moving peas with a straw.
aired 479 days ago
World records are attempted with lollipop sticks, bowling strikes, whoopee cushions and blobbing.
aired 480 days ago
Records are attempted with indoor skydiving, doggy dock-jumping, unicycles, and the worryingly-named Wheel of Death.

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