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Latest episodes

aired 267 days ago
Today sees British Olympian Claire O'Hara attempt a kayaking record with her husband in Sydney, Australia. And drag racer Tom Bagnall goes for glory in a gokart - with a jet engine on the back! Plus, we welcome back our Officially Competitive legends - Cherry, Ray and Steve - competing for records in front of a live audience in our secret bunker.
aired 268 days ago
A motorcycle stunt team, a hula-hooping trickster and a talented poodle aim for the record books; Officially Competitive legends Cherry, Ray and Steve compete in the record-breaking bunker, and one of them faces the Gunge Tank of Doom.
aired 442 days ago
Olympic skeet shooter Amber Hill attempts to smash a world record, as does a 1.5-ton digger; in the finale of Officially Competitive, Mr. Cherry and Sizzling Steve battle it out for the championship and a record featuring chopsticks and marshmallows.
aired 443 days ago
A challenge combines bravery and bakery; bottle-opening helicopters; outrageous acrobatics; supersonic motorized surfboards; the dreaded Gunge Tank of Doom.
aired 444 days ago
World-record attempts from a contortionist, a pair of martial artists who can smash wood midair and upside down, and a unicycling trick golfer; domino rally competition; a record breaker goes into the gunge tank.
aired 445 days ago
The Officially Competitive legends attempt a record involving pingpong balls and lots of shaving foam; a paper aircraft that can pierce watermelons; ice-skating challenge; the magnificent Moffatt Brothers return.
aired 446 days ago
Among the records attempted are a horseboard slalom race, freestyle tennis, and an attempt to move marbles with chopsticks; the Officially Competitive superstars battle with hanging out the socks in order to save someone from the gunge tank.
aired 447 days ago
Throwing playing cards into a container; a dog with a talent for catching treats; a shaky, dicey record from China; the return of acrobatic duo Donovan and Rebecca.
aired 448 days ago
Death-defying motorbike stuntmen; FootGolf players; a battle to become the world's best at sticking sticky notes on the body; a record-breaking hero faces the dreaded gunge tank of doom.
aired 449 days ago
Barefoot water-skiing; contortion back-bending; stunt work on a BMX; a sandwich-based challenge would be much easier if blindfolds weren't involved; someone ends up in the gunge tank of doom.
aired 450 days ago
An Olympic special features record attempts by Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson and gold medal-winning Paralympic archer John Walker; a precarious glass-stacking record; a Officially Competitive legend hopes to be saved from the gunge tank.
aired 451 days ago
A demonstration with a Cyr wheel; two-wheel driving; the fastest tortoise on planet Earth; the Officially Competitive warriors take on a chopstick challenge, and one of them faces banishment to the gunge tank of doom.
aired 452 days ago
The challengers include the world-famous Moscow State Circus attempting a fiendishly difficult juggling-leapfrogging record, and an incredible jet-powered surfer.
aired 453 days ago
A football freestyler, a team of horseboard ramp jumpers and some supersonic skippers compete for world records; in the bunker, Mr. Cherry, US Ray and Sizzling Steve tackle a dicey record, and one of them faces the gunge tank.
aired 454 days ago
Motoring marvels the Moffatt Brothers return, along with a dog that can skip and a man who can climb stairs on his head; competitive jump-jacking; courageous coin-stacking.
aired 455 days ago
Whirling wakesurfing; hair-raising BASE jumping; a record involving a human skipping rope; after some competitive throwing of tea bags into mugs, Sizzling Steve, US Ray and Mr. Cherry hope to avoid the Gunge Tank of Doom.

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The hosts of "Officially Amazing" pursue amazing feats of skill. In this pursuit, the presenters find themselves participating in some ridiculous challenges ranging from the largest collection of rubber ducks and fastest time to enter a suitcase to the fastest time to cram in a box. These feats include a wide variety of people and even includes animals doing extraordinary things. The program takes place in front of a live audience of 100 kids who then vote on the outcome of every record attempt. Guinness World Records adjudicators Mark McKinley and Shantha Chinniah are on hand to ensure each attempt is official. Hosted by Ben Shires, Al Jackson, and Haruka Karoda.