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Guy's Ranch Kitchen

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Food Network favorite Guy Fieri invites some of his friends, who happen to also be accomplished chefs, to his ranch to share stories and prepare tasty dishes that are perfect for football watching. The all-star lineup includes Scott Conant, Rocco DiSpirito, Eric Greenspan, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Carl Ruiz, Jonathan Waxman and Justin Warner. Because a kitchen can't have too many cooks, the gatherings become spirited as they try to outdo each other by creating the most flavorful and delicious dishes. A California-style brunch, an Asian fusion meal, favorite holiday dishes and a recipe revamp count among episode themes.

Latest episodes

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Guy Fieri challenges his talented chef friends to take a burger beyond the basic patty and bun; Antonia Lofaso combines sirloin and brisket with braised oxtail for an intensely meaty burger; a chorizo and beef burger topped with crispy mini fries.
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Guy Fieri invites his chef friends to prepare an old-school Las Vegas meal fit for the Rat Pack; Marc Murphy updates the classic lobster thermidor and elevates creamed spinach with rich truffles and fried oysters.
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Guy Fieri challenges his talented chef buddies to come up with a menu that's inspired by both tacos and global cuisine; Aarti Sequeira makes sweet and crunchy apple pie taquitos; G. Garvin mixes up a fruity gin cocktail with agave.
aired 17 days ago
Chefs put a Cal-Mex spin on tailgate food, starting with Eric Greenspan's breakfast burritos with made-from-scratch spicy chorizo; Eric also infuses the sweet and tangy flavor of tamarind and chipotle into the pork in his carnitas torta.
aired 24 days ago
Sliders with cheese fondue sauce; a Japanese-style twist on his miso grilled corn; cornbread chili casserole; 30-layer green chili mac and cheese; southern-style fried cherry pies; neon trailer park margaritas.
aired 26 days ago
Guy Fieri has an all-star lineup of chefs cooking game day grub in his ranch kitchen.
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Guy Fieri invites some of his favorite chefs to the ranch to celebrate the exotic flavors and spices of the Middle East with small plates called mezes.
aired 26 days ago
Guy Fieri invites some of his chef buddies to the ranch to prepare an Asian fusion meal that bridges the cultural divide.
aired 26 days ago
Guy Fieri invites his chef pals to cook at the ranch with just one request: Make it with cheese, please.
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Mediterranean people live long and happy lives thanks to their healthy diet and their tradition of sharing meals with the people they love, so Guy Fieri invites his chef friends to the ranch for their take on Mediterranean cooking.
aired 26 days ago
Chicken a la king with an Indian-inspired makeover; crab Louie; Swedish meatballs; lobster truffle pot pie; Chateaubriand au Marchand du Vin; spin on the Manhattan cocktail.
aired 59 days ago
Guy invites chef friends to share their old-fashioned Sunday supper recipes; Alex Guarnaschelli prepares a pitcher of lemony Negronis and cooks black pepper-crusted roast beef and gravy served with sauteed spinach with pancetta and crispy garlic.
aired 80 days ago
Chefs bring the Southern hospitality to the ranch; Marc Murphy makes shrimp and grits and charred corn salad with andouille sausage and red onion; Carl Ruiz mixes up Gary's Pop Cocktails and slathers Redneck Fries with chili and pulled pork.
aired 122 days ago
Guy Fieri is at the ranch with his chef friends celebrating the bounty of the Golden State with a Cali-style brunch spread.
aired 143 days ago
Guy Fieri knows diners, so when his chef friends come to the ranch with their versions of diner classics, they bring their A-game.
aired 150 days ago
Guy invites his chef friends to the ranch for an evening of entertaining and steakhouse favorites; meat master Marc Murphy elevates a Grilled Skirt Steak with a Charred Pepper Salsa and reinvents a classic with his Grilled Escarole Caesar Salad.
aired 164 days ago
Guy Fieri gets cozy with a low-cal twist when he's joined by some of his favorite chefs at the ranch to cook healthy comfort food.
airs in 11 days
Guy Fieri's talented chef friends improvise some beautiful dishes that can only be described as sophisticated funk. Marc Murphy grills oranges for a Boulevardier cocktail and serves fire-roasted figs over vanilla bean ice cream. Alex Guarnaschelli smothers apple and fennel on toast with gooey flamed cheese and slow-cooks a savory, melt-in-your-mouth beef stew.
airs in 4 days
Red-hot blood orange margarita made with spicy cinnamon syrup; deep-fried chicken wings coated in hot sauce and pomegranate molasses; orange-and-black caviar-covered deviled egg; cheesy risotto served in an acorn squash.

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