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Although fresh out of the gate as a Velocity series, "EveryDay Driver" already has built a large audience since its 2007 debut as a YouTube channel. Founders Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker produce and co-host the half-hour series, which is dedicated to helping consumers find cars they will really love. In a world where most every vehicle has bluetooth, backup cameras, and more tech than a cell phone, Todd and Paul focus on the thing most often overlooked -- enjoying driving. Cinematic photography and a unique duel-host commentary showcase enthusiast driving on great roads. The guys also compare cars, feature personal builds, and take part in some outlandish stuff, all because they want to find out how cars feel instead of relying on what the stats say.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Toyota sells two different sports cars created by very different partnerships; both have the same size engine.
aired 8 days ago
Rumors of a mid-engine Corvette have been around for decades, and now the car finally exists; the guys drive the last of the front-engine cars, along with the new mid-engine, to discover the changes and to see if it was worth the wait.
aired 16 days ago
Four-door sedans have been the commuter of choice for decades; with the rise of SUVs and affordable performance, the traditional sedan market has gotten competitive.
aired 23 days ago
Many enthusiasts think of themselves as race car drivers, and some even wonder if they could ever compete; so the guys go through the SCCA race school to see how accessible and difficult it is to really race.
aired 30 days ago
aired 72 days ago
Ford, GM and Dodge pickup trucks are icons of American culture and cornerstones of life in the South; the guys navigate downtown Atlanta in the F150, GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 to see how well trucks do in daily life.
aired 79 days ago
The Toyota Supra has become a legend in the car world, but hasn't been sold for two decades; the guys take the brand new re-release and see how it stands up to its primary rivals, the M2 Competition and the Cayman S.
aired 86 days ago
The Corvette is an automotive icon and the Z06 variants are world class sports cars; gathering three generations of the Z06, discussing the changes and finding the perfect variant for any budget.
aired 184 days ago
Many people seek out large all-wheel-drive transportation when the snow falls, but not this crew, who takes a new Miata RF to see if a small rear-wheel-drive sports car can work as a snowmobile.
aired 191 days ago
The best luxury sedans in the world are incredibly expensive, but become cheap used cars; the guys see how 15-year-old cheap luxury sedans hold up next to new ones.
aired 212 days ago
As carmakers stop making sedans in favor or CUVs, options for new sports sedans are dwindling. We compare the new BMW 3 series, Alfa Giulia, and upstart Genesis G70 to celebrate this dying breed.
aired 219 days ago
The guys drive seven-seat SUVs to find the best solution for large families who want to avoid minivans.
aired 233 days ago
After two past attempts at a great LeMons racing experience, Paul and Todd return to Tacoma in hope that the Boxster that previously failed them will give them a race worth celebrating.
aired 247 days ago
For many generations the GTI and Civic SI have represented the best compromise in affordable commuting and back road fun; where the Hyundai Veloster N fits for the same money.
aired 254 days ago
Driving instruction is always helpful, and Porsche's Experience Center gives anyone the chance to improve their skills; getting time in the 911 and Cayenne is a bonus.
aired 366 days ago
The guys find a great road and a four-cylinder base Boxster and try to see how close to the latest BMW Z4 got to its target.
aired 373 days ago
Paul and Todd drive and discuss new cars from Mazda and Mercedes that seem to be aimed at the same buyer.
aired 387 days ago
Most car enthusiasts dream of driving exotics but can't afford to buy one; Paul and Todd spend the day at SpeedVegas seeing just how easy it is to drive dream cars and jump trophy trucks.
aired 415 days ago
The mid-engined Porsche Cayman is often overlooked because of the legendary 911, but offers better prices and a more balanced chassis; Todd and Paul drive all three of the Cayman generations, tracing the good and bad changes along the way.
aired 562 days ago
Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker race a cheap sports car at 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race.
aired 569 days ago
The 5-seat CUVs remains the most popular new-car purchase and, as a result, every company makes a model that didn't exist until recently; driving new models from Volvo and Jaguar to discuss the trend and the range of offerings.

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