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Body Cam

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"It's not like in the movies," police Sgt. David White says, describing his encounter with a gun-wielding suspect that was captured on his body camera. The video is among those featured on this series, which offers unprecedented access to police units that are using this innovative and vital technology in the line of duty. The series takes viewers on the "ultimate ride-along" as they view the life-or-death, split-second decisions that those in law enforcement are forced to make on a daily basis. Each story weaves interviews with responding officers throughout to provide critical context to their decisions and to add additional insight to the life-changing, sometimes tragically fatal, moments.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
On New Year's Eve, a domestic dispute ends in tragedy when two deputies are trapped with a gun-wielding suspect; in Iowa, a high-speed pursuit escalates to a gruesome conclusion.
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Police pursue a man and his son, and, after joining the chase, an officer comes face to face with the armed suspects; in Ohio, a man threatens himself and his family; an officer negotiates over a video call, leading to a stand-off.
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A police officer tracks down an armed carjacker and comes under heavy fire; a stabbing in broad daylight forces the police to take decisive action; a routine traffic stop results in an officer being shot and fighting for his life.
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Officers confront a knife-wielding suspect; in Florida, a man who flees into the woods is outsmarted by a K9 officer; in Indiana, a gunman wages war on police, which is caught on surveillance cameras, until SWAT closes in.
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Officers find themselves pitted against a lone gunman holed up in a suburban home; the nerve of a rookie cop is tested when a routine stop on the highway goes horribly wrong.
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A man with an AK-47 steals a police car and fires at police during a 16-mile citywide chase; a home invasion call escalates into something far more terrifying.
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A domestic dispute turns into a hostage situation with children's lives at stake; a vehicular accident turns into a multiple murder with armed killers on the run; a disturbance at a liquor store leaves an officer fighting for his life.
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A breakup turns deadly; a traffic stop puts a child's life at risk; a killer on the run leaves a state trooper fighting for his life.
aired 63 days ago
Police hunt for two suspects who are responsible for a string of armed robberies; an undercover cop foils a murder-for-hire plot; a known felon tries to force an officer off the road, stopping at nothing to escape arrest.
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A detective leads his heavily armed team on a search warrant but ends up in the firing line himself; a routine traffic stop turns violent as the suspect makes a risky getaway; a knife-wielding man draws police into a dangerous foot chase.
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Two police officers respond to a domestic disturbance that ends in tragedy; a house fire turns into a murder investigation; the search for a known sex offender builds to a shocking conclusion.
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A dangerous felon steals a truck and rams everything in his path; on a freezing winter night, a lone officer is attacked by a crazed half naked man; at a county jail, a gunman fires at unarmed officers, leaving one fighting for his life.
aired 94 days ago
Ordinary police calls spiral out of control, including a routine traffic stop, a domestic dispute and a pedestrian walking on the highway; former FBI Tactical Instructor Greg Shaffer unpacks the tactics officers use.
aired 94 days ago
Single officers on patrol always face danger; when routine stops turn into life-and-death struggles, officers must make split-second decisions; former FBI Tactical Instructor Greg Shaffer unpacks how officers train for deadly threats.
aired 94 days ago
A suspected shoplifter steals a police car and flees at high speed; a man with an AK47 ambushes an officer, takes his cruiser and starts a deadly game of bluff; former FBI Tactical Instructor Greg Shaffer unpacks the tactics officers use.
aired 260 days ago
Officers seek to negotiate with a knife-wielding man who is threatening his partner and baby; former FBI Tactical Instructor Greg Shaffer unpacks how officers respond to situations like this one.
aired 267 days ago
Police officers face surprising hazards which can come without prior warning; former FBI Tactical Instructor Greg Shaffer unpacks how officers assess and respond to unpredictable threats.
airs in 6 days
In Ohio, a man shoots his ex; in Utah, police are called to a house where a woman and children have escaped a suspect armed with a machete; in California, a therapist is attacked by a former patient.

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