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BET's documentary series "Copwatch America" shines a light on the unwarranted or excessive use of force against black people by police officers. It follows activists who are on the front lines fighting for justice on behalf of victims of police brutality. Cross-cutting between New York and Atlanta, the show highlights the work of activists who have armed themselves with cameras with which to expose cases of police misconduct that would otherwise go overlooked. These citizen-whistleblowers are raising the collective consciousness in regards to a nationwide scourge of police violence. "Far too often, contact between law enforcement and black civilians ends in violence against innocent members of our community. It is our hope that this first-of-its-kind-exposé sheds light on the issue, provides solutions and fosters a demand for accountability and justice," said BET Networks president Scott Mills.

Latest episodes

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After 5 years, time's up for the feds to charge the cop who killed Eric Garner; Kim plans a disruptive protest; Hawk goes to DC to press the Department of Justice; the Movement Family confront the police and take to the streets.
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City and Patrick confront a group of APD officers while cop watching, and Hawk questions Nupol on her commitment; Kim wrestles with the pressure of balancing work and personal life.
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CPU and BLM GNY patrol the Bronx and Harlem on the 4th of July, a night when tensions between the community and the NYPD have become notoriously combustible; in Atlanta, the Movement Family clash internally on incorporating more aggressive tactics.
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In NYC, two opposing groups of copwatchers take to the streets to police the police, disrupt the system and demand justice; In Atlanta, a group of copwatchers embark on a covert operation to raise awareness of growing police terrorism in ATL.
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Following the work of the men and women who are on the front lines fighting police brutality and injustice.
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City plans a week of radical disruptions; Hawk causes Kim to melt down.
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In NYC, Jose ambushes Kim with a shocking new Copwatcher, putting the two at odds; Hawk attempts to shut down City Hall days after getting released from jail; in Atlanta, TMF turns to hip hop royalty to help push their cause.
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The decision to not charge the cop that killed Eric Garner enrages New York City activists who take over the streets and face arrest; in Atlanta, Griggs investigates the killing of a young man suspiciously gunned down by the police.

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