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All Girls Garage

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Ladies, start your engines! "All Girls Garage" taps into the expertise of three women repairing cars and motorcycles in a shop setting. The "girls" are certified mechanic Sarah Lateiner, who goes by the nickname "Bogi"; TV host and motorsports reporter Cristy Lee; and automotive programming host and executive producer Rachel De Barros. Velocity says the women approach complex projects -- from upgrading the RAM Air on a rare Pontiac GTO Judge, to installing an exhaust system on a V10 Audi, to repairing a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle -- that rival those undertaken by their male counterparts in order to prove they have what it takes to run a female-dominated car shop. Older episodes feature fabricator Jessi Combs, probably best-known to viewers from her co-hosting stint on the car-restoration series "Overhaulin'."

Latest episodes

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The girls tackle an incomplete, but drivable Pontiac GTO convertible by replacing the mechanics in the convertible top and putting on new exterior pieces.
VOD available
The gang installs upgrades to a 2017 Ford Mustang GT they find for an empty-nester mom who is looking for some excitement in her life.
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Addressing what type of maintenance is needed on a company's work truck; the girls demonstrate general maintenance, fix some broken items and give it an upgrade or two.
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The gang brings a 1976 J10 into the garage for comparison as they personalize a 2020 Jeep Gladiator for a customer.
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The girls bring back a vintage Jeepster Commando and convert its vintage brakes from drum to disc.
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The AGG team performs some minor repairs and adjustments to a 1966 Nova Super Sport so the owner can quickly flip it.
aired 24 days ago
The girls take two Indian Scout Bobber motorcycles and build one with attitude and one with performance; at the end with only two bikes to ride, Rachel brings out a secret weapon.
VOD available
The crew gets one of the first Honda Civic Type R's into the shop; the car is already a powerhouse, but it's not good enough for the track, so they will give it some modifications and upgrades to make it race-worthy.
aired 31 days ago
The girls have the task of finding the perfect car for a college student and getting it into shape before school starts.
VOD available
One of the lifters in a 1971 Chevy Camaro has stopped working; the team will have to remove the engine in order to upgrade the camshaft, lifters, bearings, and timing chain before putting it all back together.
aired 38 days ago
The owner of a '70s El Camino wants an interior makeover, so the girls get rid of the bench seat design and put in a set of new bucket seats with a center console.
VOD available
A 1971 Pontiac LeMans is brought into the shop with an overheating issue; the crew will upgrade the car's radiator and add electric fans, then go to work replacing some worn interior parts as well.
aired 40 days ago
After finding an original '63 split-window Corvette, the girls plan to restore the collector car to an all-original fuelie car and sell it for a big profit.
VOD available
A 1989 Toyota Supra has twin turbos and a potent straight 6 engine; the girls will switch out the twin turbos for a single and get more power out of the 1JZ motor; Faye's windshield gets rescued from a rock chip that could be disastrous.
VOD available
A 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe had an extensive renovation in 2009, but there are a few items that still need to be finished; the girls will address a couple of interior and exterior items to take this restoration project to the finish line.
VOD available
A 2005 Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon is in the All Girls Garage because its owner wants to be able to use it off-road; it will need a new long arm suspension kit, new roll cage and new tires.
aired 102 days ago
The team upgrades the front and rear suspension on a 1970 Camaro Z/28 and transforms the interior door panels.
aired 124 days ago
The girls show how to retro fit a custom power steering setup on a Jeep that never had power steering.
aired 125 days ago
The owner of a Malibu Wagon is not shy about driving his car fast, he just needs some help with the steering setup before his next race day; the girls get rid of the outdated steering and put in an upgraded steering box and new steering accessories.
aired 126 days ago
The forgotten mustang is back and it's time to forget about the stock engine in the car; the All Girls Garage team pulls out this leaky 302 to put an upgraded 302 engine in that was dyno tested at 305 horsepower.
aired 150 days ago
The AGG team takes a Scat Pack Challenger and adds a prototype twin turbo kit; the team then beefs up the rear-end with new axles.

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