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Remember that cherished vintage car that's been collecting dust just waiting for a little love? "Garage Squad" rescues weekend mechanics who perhaps lack the time, resources or simple know-how to get their "project" autos road-worthy again. National Hot Rod Association world champion driver Bruno Massel, co-host Heather Storm and lead mechanic Joe Zolper bring expertise, parts and tools as they crash the garages of amateurs who are in over their heads under the hood. After working alongside the owners to ensure the perfect vehicular vision, the squad returns the completed cars for an emotional reuniting of man and machine.

Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
Having lost his gear-head father at a young age, a young man wants to finish what his dad couldn't; the '57 Gasser has been sitting for decades, but something else is also sitting next to it.
aired 4 days ago
Having been seriously injured, a mechanic's life was turned upside down, until the kindness of a stranger gave him hope; now these best buddies want to team up with the Garage Squad to tackle the rescue of a beloved '93 Chevy Dually.
aired 6 days ago
An eighth-generation member of the Studebaker family buys a 1959 Studebaker pickup on eBay; the Squad discovers it has been turned into the mechanical black sheep of the family.
aired 7 days ago
This father-son project took a tragic turn to become a father-only project; the Garage Squad tackles this '70 Charger as a tribute car to the entire family.
VOD available
The owner of a 1963 Split Window Corvette attends dozens of swap meets searching for the parts needed to rebuild his car.
aired 8 days ago
A very rare '70 'Cuda convertible has been sitting for over 10 years, slowly dying; the Garage Squad takes this amazing opportunity to help its cancer-surviving owner get this Mopar monster back on the road.
aired 12 days ago
Having fallen in love with this beat-up old '78 Chevy K20 as a teenager, this farm girl knew she had to have it; after a tough year, the Garage Squad is called on to help her and her truck start a new chapter in life.
aired 13 days ago
This Nova has been in the family for three generations and seen more that its share of rough patches; now the grandson is on a mission with the Garage Squad to bring it back to glory for Grandma.
aired 14 days ago
The Garage Squad needs some divine intervention to get this pastor's hulk of a '74 Bronco out of garage hell.
VOD available
A man who regretted giving up his 1966 Chevrolet Nova purchases another one years later, but what starts out as a dream car soon gathers dust.
aired 15 days ago
Best friends from high school spent their youth wrenching on Mopars together instead of playing video games; now young men, they are back together with the Squad to rescue a '71 Dodge Dart.
aired 18 days ago
A gift from his soon-to-be wife, this disaster of a '75 Corvette has been sitting in pieces in this police officer's garage for 15 years; the Garage Squad works to get this cop's Corvette back in high speed pursuit.
VOD available
The crew attempts to take a 1967 Chevrolet Nova nostalgia funny car down the track as a memorial to the owner's late father.
VOD available
After an American hero loses his battle with PTSD, the Squad teams up with his father to restore the 1968 Chevrolet Malibu his son bought on eBay while deployed in Iraq.
VOD available
The Squad tries to resurrect a Mustang for the owner's wife while also struggling to get a GTO street legal.
VOD available
The Garage Squad revisits the golden age of drag racing with a 1956 Chevrolet gasser.
VOD available
After a terrible tragedy, getting a 1967 4x4 outside and into the mud means a lot to a family.
VOD available
Two brothers bring in a Chevrolet Tri-Five that has been in their family for decades but has not moved in 17 years; the Squad attempts to get the vehicle back on the road.
VOD available
A race against time to take a shell of a 1970 Duster and get it ready to be the VIP at the owners upcoming wedding.
VOD available
Once a quarter-mile drag racer, a 1968 Pontiac GTO that has been sitting in a garage for over two decades is prepared for a second act as a family cruiser.
VOD available
A farm family tries to save its grandfather's cherished 1950 Ford F3 that has been sitting in a barn for 47 years.

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