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Cameras follow home buyers as they visit mountain retreats, island oases and other scenic spots across North America in search of spectacular views.

Latest episodes

aired 105 days ago
Brandon and Jana want the ultimate palm tree and ocean beach view that Sanibel Island is famous for.
aired 119 days ago
Theatre owners Koly and LJ dream of owning a ranch with stunning views of the canyons, valleys and hills of Carmel Valley.
aired 210 days ago
Araceli and her daughter Victoria search for a coveted oceanfront view with grassy dunes, boardwalk paths and picket fences in the Hamptons.
aired 210 days ago
Newlyweds Rachel and Damian have grown exhausted by Manhattan's hectic pace and look for a new home in Brooklyn.
aired 210 days ago
After making their Broadway dream a reality, Bret and Stephen pursue another lifelong dream of owning a home overlooking Central Park.
aired 210 days ago
Wine enthusiasts Christina and Ed are ready to make their lifelong dream of having a view of a lush green vineyard come true.
aired 217 days ago
Outdoor enthusiasts Michelle and Justin search for a property that will give them their very own beach view.
aired 217 days ago
Wade dreams of buying a property with a view of the deep red cliffs over the shores of Prince Edward Island.
aired 224 days ago
Simon looks for a property on Lake Muskoka to escape the hustle and noise of his career.
aired 224 days ago
Ricki and his daughter search for a farm where they can live and keep their horses.
aired 224 days ago
Eva and Chris search for a property with views of the red rock mountains in Zion Canyon, Utah.
aired 224 days ago
A southern California couple search for a home that can accommodate their young family and provide a view of a golf course.
VOD available
Darren and Suzy look for a property to enjoy the winter.
VOD available
Camil is looking for a bigger home to house his growing family in a city with an ever-changing downtown.
VOD available
Ali and Mark search for a home with views of a busy harbour, a place where float planes buzz by and marine life frolics.
VOD available
Mary searches for a home with an idyllic view of the gently rolling and lush hills that define and shape Prince Edward Island.
aired 244 days ago
After moving from Austria to the U.S., a father, mother and daughter search for a home with a classic California beach view.
VOD available
Katherine and Aaron search for a home with incredible views of dotted islands and serene waters for their family and friends on the Pacific shores of Canada.
aired 251 days ago
Melva's always dreamt of a house with a majestic view of a lighthouse, and looks on Prince Edward Island for this kind of iconic view.
aired 280 days ago
Austin and Ian are looking for a view with clear lakes, granite rock and old Canadian pine tree.
aired 287 days ago
Matt and his dad look for a place to expand their wine making business in Southern California.

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