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Unlikely Animal Friends

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Heartwarming stories paint pictures about surprising animal odd couples.

Latest episodes

aired 535 days ago
Unlikely animal friends become Internet sensations.
aired 507 days ago
Unlikely animal trios share an amazing bond.
aired 514 days ago
From going to work to playing at the beach, these unlikely friends do everything together.
aired 521 days ago
These furry friends will do anything to help their best pals in need.
aired 528 days ago
Remarkable humans and animals care for adopted babies in need.
aired 10 days ago
A parrot becomes pals with a pooch; a husky raises a kitten.
aired 41 days ago
A cat comforts animals at a shelter; a dog helps raise a cheetah cub.
aired 10 days ago
An unusual friendship between a tigress and a lioness; a dedicated caretaker helps an elephant with a prosthetic leg; a woman nurses an orphaned tree kangaroo back to health; a giant Flemish rabbit brings happiness to a tabby cat.
aired 48 days ago
A goat that's best friends with a pig; a dog that loves riding on the back of a miniature horse; a woman who helped save an Alaskan bald eagle and outfit it with a prosthetic beak; a playful ferret and dog; a duck that shares a bond with two cats.
aired 23 days ago
A mini-horse befriends a dog; rhinos and sheep form an unbreakable bond; a pig cuddles up to his best canine pal.
aired 40 days ago
A tigress and a lioness make an unusual friendship; a giant rabbit brings happiness to a tabby cat.
aired 10 days ago
A dog and cheetah cub; a soldier who found a friend in a time of war; a pair of Dalmatians and their adopted kitten.
aired 40 days ago
A boy is saved by his heroic family cat; a dog who mothers a "puppy goat"; a man who spoils his pet deer.
aired 10 days ago
A farm dog mothers an orphaned fawn; an autistic boy connects with his flock of chickens; a rat and it's feline friend.
aired 42 days ago
A California man's surfing goat; a cockatoo who massages her feline friend; a hunting dog and a Eurasian eagle owl.
aired 23 days ago
A Hawaiian surfer and his pet pig; a blind woman's horse guide; a dachshund protects an immobilized cat.
aired 39 days ago
A two-legged Chihuahua and his chicken friend; a mountaineer and his rock-climbing cat; a goat who refuses to leave his donkey friend's side.
aired 47 days ago
Taking a fun-filled look at the stunning bonds animals form with other species -- and even prey.
aired 46 days ago
Highlights from some of the best stories are brought together.
aired 41 days ago
A sheep befriends an orphaned baby elephant; a hippo makes daily visits to a South African couple; a lion, tiger and bear grow old together.
aired 42 days ago
Dogs befriend bears, seals and geese.
aired 10 days ago
One dog swims to exhaustion to be with his dolphin friend while another comforts an abandoned bear.
aired 23 days ago
Rhino and warthog; badger and fox; orangutan and kitten; baboon and bush baby.
aired 23 days ago
Cats with owl, deer, rabbit and bear companions.

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