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Everything You Didn't Know About Animals

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Featuring never before heard facts about some truly incredible animals.

Latest episodes

aired 81 days ago
Frogs may just be the key to human immortality; cat's purrs may help keep astronauts alive in space.
aired 81 days ago
Owls can see with their ears and may be able to hear if a mouse is pregnant; the rhinoceros has skin that sweats blood.
aired 81 days ago
Pigs can detect smells buried two stories underground; a dog's nose can take you to court.
aired 81 days ago
Raccoons can scale tall objects by changing the shape of their skeletons; the octopus pumps its blood with three hearts.
aired 81 days ago
An elephant is strong enough to push a two-ton truck and an orangutan has the strength of seven men; elephants an orangutans are both very intelligent creatures.
aired 82 days ago
The mantis shrimp has a punch as strong as a bullet; the lion's roar can be heard by other lions 30 miles away.
aired 371 days ago
Tigers have the strength of 13 men and their tongue has teeth; polar bears can regenerate their own bones and may provide a cure for diabetes.
aired 378 days ago
Crows are as smart as dolphins and can talk like parrots; wolves can hunt for three days straight in a territory the size of Delaware.
aired 512 days ago
Revealing fascinating facts about the polar bear, the super-powered dog and an animal you have probably never heard of - the mantis shrimp.
aired 512 days ago
This episode explores the huge rhinoceros, the deadly tiger and the tough-but-tiny naked mole rat.
aired 512 days ago
Exploring the massive elephant, the elusive octopus and the adorable house cat.
aired 531 days ago
Revealing surprising facts about the pig, the wolf and the crow.
aired 531 days ago
Exploring the impressive lion, the versatile frog and the king of nighttime stealth: the owl.
aired 531 days ago
This episode examines awesome orangutans, brainy raccoons and a large cat with a lot of surprising secrets.

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