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In the varied forms of veterinary medicine, Dr. Susan Kelleher's practice may be one of the more unusual. Known as Dr. K, she runs South Florida's Broward Avian and Exotics Animal Hospital, and this series follows the staff as it cares for rabbits, ferrets, foxes, fish, birds, reptiles, marsupials, and even primates. As do some other vets, Kelleher thinks domesticating wild animals like monkeys is a bad idea, but that feeling doesn't interfere with her taking care of them: "If it will fit through the door, I'll treat it," she says.

Latest episodes

aired 151 days ago
Two sugar gliders have a scuffle in their enclosure and get rushed to the clinic; Dr. T treats a cockatiel that got himself into a sticky situation; Dr. K checks in two bunnies for a weekend of bonding.
aired 151 days ago
Wild birds get laser treatment; Dr. Theielen treats a bunny with an extra-large problem; a baby Marmoset gets all checked out.
aired 277 days ago
A pet skunk ready for a spay; an overweight Quaker Parakeet with a heart problem; a beloved ferret with severe health problems.
aired 291 days ago
A sick python checks in, a Eurasian lynx keeps Dr. K on her toes, and Dr. T gives a chicken with a bad leg a second chance.
aired 298 days ago
A tortoise has neck pain; a chinchilla suffers a mouth wound; a bare-necked chicken can't stand.
aired 585 days ago
A goat named Willie Nelson needs major corrective surgery; a guinea pig can't blink; a baby macaw undergoes orthopedic surgery not taught in vet school.
aired 592 days ago
Dr. K sees a pair of quail for two unrelated concerns; goldfish named Harry and Sally may undergo surgery; the doctors are shocked at what they find inside a rabbit's abdomen.
aired 39 days ago
The busy clinic assists pets that have been on the losing end of a fight.
airs in 5 days
Chubby pets need to lose weight or risk death.
VOD available
Dr. T and Dyanne are called out to a nature center to examine a male peacock.
VOD available
A prairie dog comes in for an examination after he mysteriously loses his top teeth.
VOD available
Hubble, a crested gecko, comes rushing into the clinic after being attacked by the family dog.
VOD available
Dr. K sees a macaw with a broken wing; a bearded dragon is rushed in as an emergency.
VOD available
A beloved squirrel travels hundreds of miles to see Dr. K; a goat has some serious udder trouble; Dyanne's bunny needs help.
VOD available
Tonga the Lemur comes into the clinic to be spayed; a young rabbit gets a CT scan; a koi fish sees about a mass.
VOD available
An owl monkey, opossum and coyote come to the clinic.
VOD available
A desert tortoise needs life-saving surgery; a male prairie dog has a little problem down below; a beloved bunny has a major issue with his anesthesia.
aired 79 days ago
A pet owner brings in Pixel, a very bloated, 8-year-old dwarf rabbit.
airs in 5 days
A 35-year-old Amazon parrot has a history of complications with anesthesia and a growth on his leg; Dr. Thielen examines an alligator's leg wound.
aired 95 days ago
Dr. K treats a marmoset that is not acting quite herself.
aired 131 days ago
A rare albino ball python with a respiratory infection, causing difficulty breathing.
aired 138 days ago
Two injured parrots and an emaciated ferret make for a busy day at Dr. K's.
aired 79 days ago
Dr. K sees a monkey and a guinea pig; Dr. G treats a tortoise attacked by a dog.
aired 139 days ago
Dr. K and her staff have many difficult cases this week.
aired 79 days ago
It is sink or swim as Dr. K attempts to solve mobility issues for two goldfish.
aired 109 days ago
Dr. K rushes to treat a pet goat with kidney stones, that must undergo two surgeries.
aired 140 days ago
Dr. K's day begins with an emergency when a bleeding cockatiel comes into the clinic.
aired 109 days ago
Tensions run high as many critical patients visit the clinic.
aired 149 days ago
A hedgehog suffers a broken leg after being attacked by a dog; a 9-year-old chinchilla with diarrhea becomes a life or death emergency.
aired 79 days ago
A Eurasian lynx with a hairball gives Dr. K and her team an adventure inside the clinic; a ball python that was attacked by a feeder rat.
aired 235 days ago
A bunny with problematic ears requires Dr. K to perform one of her longest and most intricate surgeries; Dr. T deals with a rare Albino Ball Python who has a nasty respiratory infection.
aired 242 days ago
Shiloh, a 6-month-old female Flemish giant rabbit, has a mysterious ailment that perplexes Dr. T and Clover; a red-shouldered hawk suffers from not eating and Dr. K fights to save the majestic bird's life.
aired 256 days ago
Nautilus, a beloved seven-year-old rabbit is brought in with a badly injured leg; Bella Luna, a marmoset, is not acting quite herself and it's proving to be complicated case receives a mobile CT Scan.
airs in 5 days
Helping a giant lethargic rabbit, an anemic red-shouldered hawk and a wobbly hedgehog.
airs in 5 days
Dr. K treats a middle-aged macaw after it nearly bled to death several weeks earlier; Dr. T does her best to save a pregnant marmoset suffering from a miscarriage; Dr. K makes it her mission to find a new home for a young bunny with an eye infection.
aired 132 days ago
A sulcata tortoise with a mass on its neck; an unexpected emergency when a 9-year-old chinchilla is bleeding from the mouth; a therapy chicken with a lame leg; a pot-bellied pig on a diet.
aired 151 days ago
A young bunny that suffers from severe bloating needs a CT scan; a 29-year-old blue and gold macaw is treated; Dr. K and Dr. Carastro team up for a major eye surgery.
airs in 5 days
A wellness exam for a marmoset; a bunny with a large growth in her uterus; various treatments for wild birds.
airs in 5 days
Dr. K treats a guinea pig who arrives having a seizure; Dr. Diaz deals with an electrical burn in a ferret's mouth; Dr. Thielen helps a mother say goodbye.
aired 79 days ago
Dr. Thielen receives an emergency call from a client with a lemur, while Dr. K and Dr. Diaz are away at a veterinary conference.
aired 138 days ago
Exotic animals often do not show signs of sickness until they are in grave danger; Dr. K never knows what she will be dealing with.
aired 79 days ago
Treating exotic animals, including a hedgehog, a corn snake and an egg-bound sulcata tortoise.
aired 146 days ago
Dr. Thielen is on her own while Dr. K and Dr. Diaz attend a veterinary conference.

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