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Twisted Sisters

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Co-executive produced by none other than Khloé Kardashian, who knows a thing or two about sisterly bonds and how they can go awry, this series details shocking crimes committed by pairs of sisters. Sometimes the siblings work in concert, but often the duo turn against each other with the deadliest of outcomes. Hourlong episodes recount actual crimes via stylized re-enactments and interviews with immediate family members and close friends, painting a picture of where and why the sisters' lives went wrong. As well, investigators and law enforcement anchor each story as they recount firsthand their unraveling of the case and try to make sense of the crimes committed.

Latest episodes

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A well-intentioned social worker goes missing after becoming involved with two sisters raising children in a trash-ridden house.
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When her husband cuts her off financially, Diane Hart turns to her older sister for help; the sisters come up with a deadly plan to get at the money Diane feels she deserves.
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The accidental drowning of their two children strains Lonnie and Betty Jo Fowler's marriage to the breaking point; however, after the couple reconciles and moves closer to family, a sister-in-law's suspicions turn violent.
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Teenager Charity is a cheerleader who earns good grades and works at the local pizza parlor; however, to her mother and sisters, Charity is possessed by a demon that needs to be dealt with.
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The Beck twins spend their entire lives side by side in the same house, until the day one of them decides she has had enough.
aired 68 days ago
Deep-seated envy between two pregnant sisters leads to a twisted murder plot in a Midwestern town; this unspeakable crime leaves the Merrifield family destroyed forever.
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After years of struggling with mental health issues, Janece Cook moves in with her elderly parents; then, Janece's father commits suicide, and her younger sister is determined to sever Janece's ties with the family.
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Two adopted sisters are inseparable until the social pressures of high school and bullying drive a wedge of violence between them.
aired 90 days ago
A cold-blooded murder in a devout prayer group triggers a bizarre investigation in Oregon; as police uncover unlikely culprits, chilling beliefs are brought to light.
aired 90 days ago
When 16-year-old Stephanie Santerre goes missing, everyone in her life falls under scrutiny; an emerging web of lies and deception leaves investigators to puzzle out the sordid truth.
aired 91 days ago
A long-simmering family feud turns deadly when life-threatening secrets are exposed; the dark family history reaches a tipping point that ends in murder.
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What starts as a childhood friendship between twin sisters and the neighborhood boy they both like becomes a stormy adult romance that ends in murder.
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When a philanderer is reported missing, police suspect foul play, focusing on the man's wife as well as her best friend in the world, her sister.
aired 125 days ago
A mysterious letter surfaces and contains a shocking twist in a homicide investigation; an entire family is impacted by the bombshell uncovered by the police.
airs today
Tensions arise when a new addition to the Finkle family shakes up their peaceful dynamic, but no one can predict the fatal and gruesome results to come.
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A family's black sheep spends a lifetime in her younger sister's shadow; as the relationship with her mother takes a turn for the worse, things build to a boiling point that will leave one family member dead.

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Telling the twisted stories of some of the most maniacal siblings in history. Through exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts, the series will delve into the evil minds of siblings who partnered together to commit some of the most heinous and sophisticated homicides.