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Stranger Among Us

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The twisted-but-true stories of established communities and social circles turned upside down by the presence of a single newcomer, leading to murders that slowly reveal not everyone is who they seem.

Latest episodes

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When a basketball star goes missing, his college sports community is thrust into a deadly scandal.
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After a long-lost daughter reunites with her family, their peaceful Florida neighborhood is devastated by scandal, betrayal, and a double-murder.
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West Virginia firefighter Chip and local nurse Allaina kindle a relationship while taking a paramedic class, but their smoldering romance ends in blazing inferno that leaves several people dead and others heading to prison.
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A spring break adventure turns deadly when a college student infiltrates a community of train hoppers.
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When one of their own is found tortured and killed, a tight circle of Chicago doctors wonder if the killer came from within.
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Three respected members of a tight-knit community of award-winning Christmas tree farmers are brutally gunned down; terrified locals fear that a cold-blooded killer has been living among them for years.