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Killer Siblings

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Telling the twisted stories of some of the most maniacal siblings in history. Through exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts, the series will delve into the evil minds of siblings who partnered together to commit some of the most heinous and sophisticated homicides.

Latest episodes

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Sheltered teenage brothers Robert and Michael Bever idolize serial killers and dream of being the most prolific murderers in history; with an arsenal of weapons, their quest for notoriety begins at home in their quiet Oklahoma suburb.
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Raised in a strict home, Matthew and Tyler believe it's their duty to cleanse the world of those living in sin; when two men are found dead, the brother's connection to them points toward a hateful trail of crime.
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Twin sisters, raised with a deep disdain for law enforcement, are arrested for shooting a neighbor's dog, then escape custody and go on the run, leading to one of the deadliest shootouts in Colorado history.
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After their brother is convicted of murder, three siblings hatch a deadly plot to avenge him by targeting the star witness in his trial; the plan goes awry when the wrong person is on the receiving end of their vengeance.
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After a man is found brutally murdered inside his own bar, a murder mystery unfolds over the span of years; detectives believe it's a business deal gone bad and must remain steadfastly dedicated to the case after hitting several dead ends.
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The Carr brothers arrive in Wichita, Kan., intending to commit robberies, but their plans quickly escalate to a murderous spree the likes of which Kansas had never seen; their reign of terror becomes known as the "Wichita Massacre."