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Like trying to decipher the value of a book without ever opening it, judging a person by his or her outward appearance can be a mistake. Someone may look perfect on the outside, but even the most kind-hearted soul has a dark side looming. "Diabolical" is a 10-episode docuseries that delves into the minds of murderers, asking a simple question: "Why did they do it?" The acts were committed with extreme premeditation -- many were months or even years in the making. Tension builds in each episode as law enforcement taps into the methods of devious masterminds, aided by insights from forensic psychologists and psychiatrists as well as criminal profilers.

Latest episodes

aired 16 days ago
After Cynthia Roth drowns in the middle of a crowded lake, investigators uncover a decades-long trail of terror; detectives must take extraordinary measures to catch the killer.
VOD available
Penny Knell is admitted to a special care facility, where a devious mastermind is waiting to prey on vulnerable people; when Penny's family gets ensnared in her web, the consequences will be fatal.
VOD available
In Prichard, Ala., loving father Re'Mano Campbell is found murdered in his home; it takes the cunning wit of local investigators to unravel the mystery of who murdered him.
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In Susanville, Calif., a beloved police officer is found dead in what looks like an apparent suicide, then detectives launch a full-blown murder investigation and zero in on the officer's wife as a possible suspect.
aired 18 days ago
Lyle and Carol Kopenskey are high school sweethearts who marry after graduation; after 40 years of marriage, one of them becomes involved in an extra-marital affair that leads to cold-blooded murder.
aired 18 days ago
Valuing wealth more than love, Michelle Donohue casts aside good men before meeting Mr. Right who gives her a taste of her own medicine and sends her down a murderous path.
VOD available
In 2015, Detective Scott Sanderson finds himself investigating one of the strangest cases of his career, involving a missing woman and her newborn; before long, he uncovers a diabolical scheme that will destroy the lives of everyone it touches.
VOD available
Gina Coccia comes home from work to discover the bodies of her girlfriend, Lynn, and Lynn's nephew, Ronnie, shot and stabbed on the kitchen floor; the investigation leads police to a terrifying act of betrayal.
aired 25 days ago
Temptress Cathy Cousin moves in next door to devoted family man Tim Koile, wrapping him around her finger and convincing him to satisfy her every whim no matter how diabolical.
VOD available
After her home is invaded and her husband murdered, Shaunna Dodd recounts her harrowing ordeal at gunpoint; however, when investigators dig deeper, they uncover a tale of lies, infidelity and shady characters who have wandered into the Washoe Valley.
aired 37 days ago
After losing her husband in a tragic accident, a God-fearing Cindy McKay claims she has to bend the law to pay off his illicit debts; authorities soon realize that Mckay is a criminal mastermind.
aired 37 days ago
Married family man Dr. Adam Frasch has a booming practice, and he loves to spend money on houses, automobiles and exotic dancers; ultimately, the doctor will reap what he sows in deceit and jealousy.
VOD available
Donna Scrivo hasn't seen her adult son, Ramsay, in days, and she's worried; she alerts the police, but days pass with no sign of him anywhere; then the discovery of a severed head and body parts along a highway reveals an act of shocking violence.
VOD available
A cold morning in December starts off like any other, then a farmer finds the body of a dead woman; what seems like a rape and murder case turns into a conspiracy, and someone's diabolical nature is soon revealed.
aired 47 days ago
Single mother Rainey Morin meets soul mate Robert Kowalski who treats her like a queen; however, beneath Kowalski's kind veneer is a dark history that threatens to wreak havoc.
VOD available
On April 17, 2015, a Virginia hunter makes a grisly discovery in the woods, finding a woman with an execution-style gun shot wound to the back of her head.
airs in 10 days
Terror strikes during a young family's evening stroll in La Mirada, Calif.; nothing seems to add up during the criminal investigation, with the truth taking years to emerge.
aired 58 days ago
George Kalomeris is a family man who looks after the less fortunate in his community, then a dying man fingers Kalomeris as the shooter, and police discover a monster more diabolical than anyone could ever imagine possible.
aired 67 days ago
Janet Lynn Mickey dreams of starting her own family and marries college football star Darrell Tyburski; plans change after the young couple begins having children, leading them down a very dark path.
aired 67 days ago
In Garden Grove, Calif., 19-year-old Jose Najera sneaks out of his parents' house to attend a late-night party, then he returns home to find both parents dead on their bedroom floor.
aired 153 days ago
A doctor has an insatiable appetite for women, collecting them like exotic cars, but unlike the cars, he stashes them on his various properties, hiding them from one another, and especially from his wife.

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Not every murder scene leaves behind clues in the form of bloody footprints, clothing fibers or fingerprint stains. Investigators earn their reputations by discovering evidence other than what is easy to see. This series spotlights devoted investigators who "go beyond the headlines," incorporating cutting-edge science to find the tiniest trace evidence and understand its relevance. The forensics-driven stories are told via stylized re-enactments, showing how the best investigators work to decipher which clues mean nothing and which ones will put a killer behind bars, all to bring justice to victims' loved ones.
Each episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder. The victim is usually the perpetrator's partner. The documentary-style series features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law-enforcement officials, attorneys and other people with first-hand knowledge of the cases.
The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's is often thought of as a celebratory period to spend time with friends and family. That is not always the case, though, as the period is not immune from experiencing the same types of violent crimes that occur throughout the year. This series documents stories of tragedy that struck during the holidays, with firsthand accounts from people who had friends or family members killed during the joyous time. Sometimes the victim is killed by someone close to them, such as a case of sibling rivalry turned deadly, but sometimes the killing is done by a stranger who interrupts a holiday gathering with gunfire.
"Killer Couples" is in the same vein of the long-running true-crime series "Snapped," which tells stories of people who commit murder or attempt murder, but with a focus on couples who commit crimes. Using re-creations and firsthand accounts, each episode digs into a case, telling the story of the couple's romance, how the relationship evolved from love to manipulation, and what ultimately led the couple to commit the crime. The stories range from teenage lovers who go on a multistate crime spree to lesbian lovers who want to eliminate one of their husbands.
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Investigation Discovery's true-crime documentarians delve into the epic, bizarre tale of one of New York's most infamous real estate heirs. Robert Durst had it all -- money, privilege, power -- but that didn't stop him from being the central figure in the 1982 disappearance of his wife, Kathleen, the execution-style murder of his confidant, Susan Berman, and finally the brutal killing of his neighbor, Morris Black. This two-part, four-hour special builds on the latest news in the investigations to present a comprehensive exploration into the cases.
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A deadly teen rivalry. A scorned lover willing to kill. A quick-rich scheme gone bad. The true-life mysteries detailed in this series are about revenge, betrayal and murder carried out by the people seemingly most trusted by each of the victims -- their lovers. The cases, dramatized via re-enactments, focus on the criminal's motive, and explore how the victim and lover met, the deepening relationship, the perceived betrayal and the obsession that led to the deadly act. Each hourlong episode takes viewers though all of the twists and turns that culminate in arrests, verdicts and justice.