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Man With a Van

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The man with the van creeps up, offering a lift for the stranded, showing up outside a home, intercepting people on the road; he'll make the ride mandatory for those who resist; there's no escape from the man with a van.

Latest episodes

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When Ray and Marie Thornton go out for a drive in the country on Easter Sunday, they are almost chased off the road by a tailgating van and when they see the driver changing license plates and dumping a bloody sheet, they call police.
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When Kathy Horn disappears, some believe she's following the Grateful Dead; others think she was sacrificed during a Wicca initiation; her mom wonders if she's run off with an older boyfriend.
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Dawnia Dacosta attends nursing school, works the late shift and goes to church for evening services; one night she runs out of fuel and walks to the nearest station; then a man in a van offers a ride back to her car.
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After a night out in a downtown Denver nightclub, Kenia Monge wanders the streets without a purse or phone; her journey leads to encounters with several men --some good, and one who drives a creepy white van.
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After Kacie Woody discovers Internet chat rooms, the popular teen has her pick of high school hunks hoping to connect; the teen is exchanging IMs with her latest love interest, when a silver van creaks to a stop outside her house.
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Meredith Emerson decides to celebrate the new year by hiking on Georgia's Blood Mountain with her dog, Ella, but when Meredith goes missing and Ella is found 60 miles away, an all-out search begins.