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Reliable Sources

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"Reliable Sources" with Brian Stelter examines the media world -- telling the story behind the story -- how news and pop culture get made. Discussions revolve around media fairness and objectivity, with panels consisting of journalists from top television, digital and print news organizations. Regularly featured special one-on-one interviews with major media figures are also part of the Sunday morning show.

Latest episodes

VOD available
Robert Mueller coverage; whether President Donald Trump and Sean Hannity coordinate talking points.
VOD available
Trevor Noah on the "5:30 curse," keeping up with President Trump, and Michael Cohen's "swamp tours"; a journalist has a unique perspective on the Iran deal and the North Korea negotiations.
VOD available
President Trump's lies; grading the media's coverage of Mueller probe; journalists mourn 10 colleagues in Afghanistan.
VOD available
White House Correspondents Association's annual dinner; the press celebrates while the president fumes.
aired 31 days ago
Revelations from the James Comey memos and book tour; covering President Trump's Russia issues and other investigations; Denver Post editors say the paper needs a new owner.
aired 38 days ago
How journalists do their jobs and how the media affects the stories they cover.
aired 45 days ago
The president's anti-media attacks and other topics are discussed with the editor of The New York Times; President Trump governing via Fox News; fallout from Sinclair forcing anchors to read media-bashing promos.
aired 52 days ago
"Roseanne" strikes a chord with the president and the news media; how the pro-Trump media's FBI attacks affect the bureau and the public; journalism versus activism.
aired 59 days ago
The TV to Trump White House pipeline; a news outlet invites Marjory Stoneman Douglas students to help cover the March for Our Lives rally.
aired 66 days ago
Covering the chaos within federal agencies.
aired 73 days ago
President Trump craves credit from the news media; Stormy Daniels stands out in a hectic news cycle; how she became a household name; two different media responses to Women's History Month.
aired 80 days ago
President Trump's scandals and struggles; fallout from Hope Hicks' resignation; new leaks about the Russia probes; misinformation on social media.
aired 87 days ago
Conspiracy theories in the wake of the Parkland school shooting; the NRA's claim that the media loves mass shootings; two Americas living in two different media environments; media bashing unites conservatives at CPAC environments.
aired 94 days ago
Dueling narratives about Robert Mueller's newest indictments; what other stories the National Enquirer has squashed for Trump.
aired 101 days ago
President Trump frustrated with communications director Hope Hicks role in scandal; congressman proposes law to protect safety of journalists; traditional media vs. pro-Trump media on coverage of Rob Porter resignation.
aired 108 days ago
An interview with one of President Donald Trump's confidants; the role of the pro-Trump media in the release of the Devin Nunes memo; determining the real Russia story; putting current events in historical perspective.
aired 115 days ago
Trump and the FBI; competing narratives about the Russia probe; how journalists can cut through the clutter; congressional reaction to the latest leaks about the Mueller investigation.
aired 122 days ago
How Trump changed the press and how the press changed him; how the media is covering a weekend of marches and protests; White House correspondents review the president's first year.
aired 129 days ago
Trump and racism; how newsrooms handled his vulgar remarks; why he's talking about libel laws again; Oprah's friends say she's "actively thinking" about a White House run.
aired 136 days ago
Fallout from Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury"; questions about Wolff's use of sources; Trump's North Korea tweets renewing concerns about his fitness; if Steve Bannon is finished at Breitbart.
aired 143 days ago
Coverage of the "MeToo" movement; the media's screw ups and successes; New Year's resolutions from top editors.

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