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Paranormal Emergency

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Police officers, paramedics and other first responders reveal their true-life encounters with the paranormal while on duty.

Latest episodes

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Two officers witness the beginning of a monstrous legend; a patrolling officer comes face to face with the ghost of a Civil War soldier; helicopter pilots try to outrun a UFO.
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The restless dead call out to a police officer; a mysterious light is spotted in the sky during a night patrol; a rookie comes face to face with a legendary spirit.
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Disembodied cries lead first responders to a deadly car crash; police officers come to the aid of an elderly woman who claims she is being tormented by unearthly voices; ghostly children taunt firefighters in an abandoned mansion.
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An officer discovers a demon lurking around an abandoned factory; a paramedic is trapped inside a speeding ambulance with a poltergeist; a mysterious entity protects an officer during a shootout.
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A Chicago police officer confronts an evil entity in a bar; a rookie officer patrols the haunted floor of a courthouse; paramedics aid a man possessed by a demon.
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Paramedics feel an evil presence in an elderly woman's home; a police officer helps a man being stalked by Bigfoot; an officer investigates strange sounds in a woman's basement.
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A deputy comes to the aid of two teenage girls being targeted by a menacing creature; rangers investigate a haunted office building; an EMT has a ghostly encounter at the scene of a horrific crash.
airs in 7 days
An EMT gets a ghostly surprise after a deadly shootout; officers encounter a convict with supernatural powers; a coroner discovers the dead aren't always at rest.