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Paranormal Nightshift

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Night shift workers recall their terrifying encounters with the paranormal while they were on the clock.

Latest episodes

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A single mom protects herself from a paranormal attack; a factory worker hears growls and otherworldly sounds during a graveyard shift; a dorm supervisor is stalked by an unseen entity.
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A museum director unleashes a trunkful of angry spirits; a care support worker must protect his sleeping charges from a dark paranormal presence; a high school custodian is taunted by a whistling entity while cleaning up a haunted auditorium.
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A phantom clown stalks a custodian down the dark halls of an empty school; a poltergeist terrorizes guests at an upscale spa; an I.T. technician is confronted by a series of paranormal disturbances after he accepts an assignment at a haunted factory.
aired 19 days ago
Sam is an aspiring writer fascinated, some might say obsessed with the Salem witch trials; when a job is available as a night auditor in a Salem hotel steeped in history, Sam leaves Boston and takes the job.
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A radio host's dream job is threatened by the presence of two terrifying entities; a restaurant owner is confronted by the spirit of a lovelorn woman on Valentine's Day; ghostly footsteps and disembodied voices haunt an empty bowling alley at night.
airs in 9 days
The ghost of an actress terrorizes the night manager at a historic theater; vicious souls prey upon a security guard and his partner inside an old factory; an devious spirit in an arcade plays games with a teenage girl.

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Police officers, paramedics and other first responders reveal their true-life encounters with the paranormal while on duty.
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Ghosts, poltergeists, demons and their targets star in "Paranormal Survivor." Hourlong episodes feature people reliving their harrowing encounters with the supernatural. Viewers hear from those who've faced the feared spirits, and dramatic re-creations lure victims back to the scenes of the confrontations.