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Haunted Hospitals

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Doctors, nurses and patients give first-hand accounts of encounters with patients who have returned from the dead.

Latest episodes

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The owner of a haunted hospital exhibit is attacked by a ghost in his own home; a nurse comes face to face with the Angel of Death; a pastor sees an evil entity lurking around the deathbed of an elderly woman.
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A family experiences activity, including the spirit of an old lady, in their house built on a hospital campus; Melissa experiences inexplicable events while working in a large, urban hospital.
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Sandrea attempts to banish a shadow man from her office; Donald claims he experienced poltergeists, ghost babies and the spirit of a dead doctor in a hospital.
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An aspiring nurse is trapped inside a room with a dying patient and the Angel of Death; a young woman shares a hospital room with a bloody-faced apparition; a military x-ray technician is left shaken by a ghostly encounter at a morgue in Iraq.
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A nurse aide encounters diseased ghosts from the Victorian era; an EMT and her partner access an abandoned floor with a paranormal past; a nurse comes face to face with a horrifying entity who haunts a hospital prison wing.
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In Canada, a security guard moving a body is shocked when the body bag appears to move; an investigator looking into a child's death hears sounds that can't be explained.
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A nurse receives a warning from a ghost doctor; a nurse has an encounter with the Angel of Death.
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A security guard has a chilling encounter at a haunted hospital; a pediatric nurse discovers a powerful spirit residing in the bowels of a 100-year-old facility; a massive renovation project disturbs the spirits at a psychiatric hospital.
aired 63 days ago
A young woman discovers that a long-term care facility is haunted by the ghosts of former patients; an emergency technician is terrified by paranormal activity at an abandoned hospital; a nurse encounters an angel of death.
aired 64 days ago
A demonic entity follows a couple home from their jobs at a hospital; a nurse is confronted by a terrifying reality while visiting her ailing aunt; a man and his wife are overcome by the sudden stench of decomposition at a nursing home.
aired 70 days ago
A lab technician is stalked by otherworldly beings in the creepy basement of a hospital; a hospice volunteer heals the sick; a paranormal radio show host wakes up in the recovery room surrounded by angry ghosts.
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A nurse is threatened by ghosts who watch her every move; a war veteran experiences inexplicable events at his new hospital job.
aired 77 days ago
A nurse faces down an unearthly apparition at a hospital; a miraculous recovery may actually be a case of demonic possession at a nursing home; a woman wakes up with the ability to see ghosts after a near-death experience.
aired 84 days ago
A nurse is threatened by ghosts who watch her every move; a war veteran experiences inexplicable events at his new hospital job.