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New York Post Reports: Off the Record

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Current crimes are broken down as to why they captured the headlines of the New York Post.

Latest episodes

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Social media gets a nasty shock when photos of 17-year-old influencer Bianca Devins' murder are posted online by her boyfriend.
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A man finds a dead woman in his son's apartment, but the horrific discovery is just the beginning of a nightmare.
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A sorority girl returns to college, gets into a ride share and vanishes into the night, but weeks later police find her body burned beyond recognition.
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An Ivy League student's death is a mystery when his stabbed body is discovered in a park eight days after he vanished.
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An ambitious socialite pulls off the con of the century, and no one suspects a thing until a soured relationship threatens to expose her secrets.
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The bullet-riddled body of a college girl is found by a lake, and reporters at the New York Post are sent an anonymous email with photos of the suspect with the victim.

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Staffers from the newspaper offer viewers a behind-the-headlines look at some of New York City's most infamous crimes.