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Motorhead Garage

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Hosts John Gardner and Dave Dobson put their love of turning wrenches, tightening bolts and general automotive knowledge to work in the series "Motorhead Garage." John and Dave get together in the shop to analyze, assemble and advise viewers of the latest products and techniques for repairing, upgrading or improving a wide variety of vehicles as they guide the audience through displays of new technologies and demonstrate step-by-step installations of the latest in aftermarket automotive equipment.

Latest episodes

aired 27 days ago
A 1970 Chevy C10 gets an interior overhaul, including carpet, a lowered seat and stereo speakers.
aired 41 days ago
Dave Dobson kicks off the season with some restoration must-haves from Steele Rubber, gets hands-on installing modern sound in a classic Chevelle, changes out a Jeep coil rail for something more reliable, and seals the deal on tire repairs.
aired 230 days ago
John and Dave achieve high roller status in Vegas at the 2019 SEMA extravaganza.
aired 237 days ago
John and Dave go hard-core with an all-access pass to the 2019 SEMA Show.
aired 244 days ago
John discovers unique ways to fight the battle of the brine and survive wintertime.
aired 265 days ago
The Garage gang makeover a Mopar before examining a truck conversion and learn ways to battle the effects of the elements.
aired 272 days ago
Each week on Motorhead Garage presented by TopCoat, Chipola College instructor & master mechanic John Gardner & automotive journalist Dave Dobson modify cars, trucks,ATV's & motorcycles, explaining how to install the latest in custom aftermarket equipment.
aired 293 days ago
John and Dave raise the roof on a Gladiator; get the lowdown on undercoating; go hands-on with a hybrid and clamp down on CV-joint problems.
aired 300 days ago
The crew learns the inside story on re-manufactured engines, strengthened steering, product branding and multi-faceted roof racks.
aired 307 days ago
The shop plays host to a tricked-out Harley and a hot rod with a cool custom look, then finds a radical method that restores leather.
aired 314 days ago
John and Dave uncover a radical way to haul vehicles to the trail; a pickup receives a face-lift; the guys look at sealing pressure leaks.
aired 321 days ago
The Motorhead crew takes an insider's look at a Ford GT supercar before they search for solutions to Jeep tire issues and UTV clutches.
aired 328 days ago
The crew uncover the inner workings of transmission, UTV clutches, and a way to get long life from low profile tires as they cruise around in a restyled classic Corvette.
aired 335 days ago
The Motorhead crew gets going with gauges, then they learn about converters and wrap it up with a rockin' Chevelle.
aired 342 days ago
John and Dave visit the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to check out incredible bikes and take a shine to some of their favorites.
aired 349 days ago
The Motorhead crew joins the 70,000 hot rod enthusiasts at the 50th Annual NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.
aired 356 days ago
John and Dave journey to the heart of hot rodding the 50th Annual National Street Rod Association's event in Louisville, Kentucky.
aired 363 days ago
The crew checks out great advances in tire transportation before making things look modern in a classic Chevy truck.
aired 370 days ago
The crew welcomes another Brothers Trucks makeover, discovers how to make MOPARs even more muscular, and uncovers a smart solution to wayward cargo.
aired 377 days ago
John and Dave check out a stealthy Silverado and a snazzy Sting Ray before they discover some heads-up flair for dashes.
aired 384 days ago
The crew gets some advice on finding parts online, painting a Corvette, updating a dragster, and trimming a hot rod.

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