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Mike Brewer's World of Cars

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Mike travels to various locations to meet local automotive craftsmen, get his hands dirty in their workshops and drive cars.

Latest episodes

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Mike begins a journey of discovery about lowriders in East LA; he gets some experience with hydraulics and pinstriping, eats a burrito the size of a car battery, and cruises down Whittier Boulevard with the Lifestyle Car Club.
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Mike travels to the outskirts of Houston, Texas, to meet a father and son team who are experts in mud bogging; Mike drives a monster truck for the first time.
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Mike looks at classic cars' future in a world with more electric cars; he travels to Oceanside, California, to EV West, a company that specializes in putting powerful electric motors into everything from Porsches to VW vans.
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Mike is in Chicago, home of famous movie cars, deep-dish pizza, and one of the foremost coach-builders, Brian Limberg; the Tin Man keeps this bygone art form alive, building car bodies from scratch using old-school techniques.
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Mike is near Indianapolis at the home of NHRA Top Fuel champion Antron Brown; Antron shows him around the mammoth Don Schumacher Racing shop, but Mike as an ulterior motive for his visit.
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Mike ponders if an old car loses its soul if the engine or body is replaced; he returns to England to visit British Motor Heritage.
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Lake Tahoe, California, is a resort area that's also a unique home for artists and dreamers.
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Mike travels to Charlotte, North Carolina, where bootleggers played an integral role in NASCAR's creation.

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Car dealer supremo Mike Brewer and mechanic Marc 'Elvis' Priestley help hapless petrolheads trade up their unwanted vehicles to get them the car of their dreams.
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"Wheeler Dealers" maven Mike Brewer hits the road on the ultimate automotive adventure. From Kolkata to the U.K., from Mexico to the Middle East, Mike explores the culture and idiosyncrasies of the international used car market. His mission is to trade his way across each country, using his dealer tricks to add value to his cars, enabling him to graduate from a cheap hatchback to a supercar. With just $3,000 in his pocket to start, his goal is to blaze his way to $30,000 to purchase a luxury vehicle at auction.
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Car enthusiast Mike Brewer and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead work together to give new life to run-down, classic automobiles in order to resell at a profit. Working with a limited budget, Mike's job is to find and purchase a vehicle before presenting it to Ant, who makes the necessary repairs -- and there usually are plenty of them -- giving tips along the way about electrical and structural issues, mechanics, cosmetic touches and finishing work. Once complete, the restored car is taken for a test drive, and then Mike negotiates the purchase price with a new owner. The series, a British import, began airing on Discovery Channel in the U.K. in 2003. Its first 13 seasons featured master mechanic Edd China as Brewer's sidekick.