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Part-American, part-Scandinavian death-metal band Dethklok has a lingering effect on its fans, who take the words seriously and do anything Dethklok lyrics say. The government fears the band's influence and sets out to destroy it by covert means; for example, by sending military pharmaceutical psychotropic drug manufacturers. Deemed sociopaths for tossing hot coffee at their concert attendees, two of the band members are alcoholics, and they all have self-esteem issues.

Latest episodes

aired 68 days ago
Offdensen takes Dethklok to an underwater cave where the Church of the Black Klok is sheltered.
aired 68 days ago
Dethklok opens the Urban Youth Dethcenter after being accused of racism.
aired 68 days ago
Dethklok would do anything, including drinking bleach, but go to the doctor after a near-death experience.
aired 68 days ago
Pickles' brother, Seth, invites Dethklok to his Wisconsin wedding.
aired 68 days ago
Dr. Rockzo, the Rock 'n' Roll Clown, gets help to overcome his cocaine addiction.
aired 68 days ago
The Rock 'n' Roll Clown befriends Toki.
aired 68 days ago
Dethklok travels to Mississippi to learn about the blues.
aired 68 days ago
Dethklok has a fight on stage; the band falls in love with therapy.
aired 68 days ago
Dethlok suffers embarrassment while their parents are come to town to visit them.
aired 68 days ago
The band unintentionally wakes a deadly Nordic Forest Troll.
aired 68 days ago
The band members must get past their egos to save Toki.
aired 68 days ago
Dethklok's French chef is chopped to pieces.
aired 150 days ago
Dethklok hosts the most important dinner of their career.
VOD available
Dethklok returns to the water to record in their Dethsub; the band regresses to an animal mindset.
VOD available
Murderface is announced as the recipient of this year's Most Brutal Looking Musician Award and travels to Mexico to get the best and cheapest plastic surgery possible.
VOD available
Toki goes to Rockaroonie Fantasy Camp in an attempt to make friends.
VOD available
After spending all their time wasting money on their new album, Dethklok is stunned to find they're getting a new producer.
VOD available
Toki writes a tell-all book and takes over as lead guitarist.
VOD available
Dethklok opens a Dethfair in Tomahawk, Wisc.; Pickles goes into realty.
aired 171 days ago
Nathan worries that something is wrong with the new Dethklok album.
aired 178 days ago
Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans; as the evidence of her past piles up, he follows her to the annual Dethklok fan convention.

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