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Brendon Small is a young kid who loves to make movies with his family's video camera. At the same time, he must put up with the adults in his life: his unintelligent soccer coach, and his divorced mother, Paula. Along with a group of friends, he acts out his fantasies in front of the camera.

Latest episodes

aired 5 days ago
Brendon, Jason and Melissa get in trouble at school and are required to attend a scared straight program at the local prison. Paula finds several of the kids' old movies.
aired 107 days ago
The kids prepare for Halloween; Linda gets ready for the new baby; Coach McGuirk sets out for a romantic night.
aired 108 days ago
The kids decide to run away to Europe and become artists; McGuirk's car breaks down.
aired 109 days ago
Melissa breaks her arm. Then suspiciously, Jason breaks his arm too. Brendon is concerned that Melissa may be smarter than him.
aired 110 days ago
Jason and Melissa want bigger roles in Brendon's movie; Paula looks for a job.
aired 114 days ago
Coach McGuirk tries to get Paula to pose as his fiance. Paula has to get her novel to her agent.
aired 115 days ago
Brendon, Jason and Melissa form a band and record their first single.
aired 116 days ago
Brendon is forced to work on his golf game for a father-son tournament.
airs in 8 days
Brendon performs at a medieval fair, where fair-goers clash with the group at a nearby sci-fi convention.
airs in 1 day
Brendon and Jason become jealous when Melissa's love life interferes with production.
aired 122 days ago
Mr. Lynch sends all the kids plus Coach McGuirk to sensitivity training.
VOD available
Brendon and Jason are quickly putting on weight and decide never to see each other in an effort to break the fat enabling cycle. Coach McGuirk tries out a theory of his.
VOD available
When Paula burns down her kitchen, McGuirk offers to get paid to fix it. Paula's parents are getting a divorce and in order to fit in, Jason fakes a divorce.
aired 128 days ago
Erik enrolls Melissa in The Fairy Princesses; Brendon gets invited to spend the weekend with Fenton, whom he didn't even know he was friends with.
aired 129 days ago
Andrew and Linda are getting married; Brendon develops a rash; Paula's friend likes coach McGuirk.
aired 130 days ago
Paula appears in the kids' movies; McGuirk feels Andrew is a threat.
aired 131 days ago
Brendon gets a case of writer's block right before the school writing fair.
aired 135 days ago
The kids use a class trip to a hotel to shoot some movie footage.
aired 136 days ago
A family therapist starts to analyze Brendon's movies; Brendon is the problem.
aired 137 days ago
Brendon spends a weekend with his dad and his dad's girlfriend; coach McGuirk helps the new kid.
aired 138 days ago
Brendon pretends to be Jason to impress Cynthia; Paula worries about a typing test.

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