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The Venture Bros.

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"Jonny Quest" gets an irreverent but affectionate spoofing in this animated series chronicling the sometimes hair-raising adventures of Hank and Dean Venture, the not-especially-bright twin sons of pill-popping "super-scientist" Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture. Luckily (for the most part), their safety is overseen by a security guard who uses his license to kill every chance he gets.

Latest episodes

aired 21 days ago
The fate of Team Venture hangs in the balance.
aired 28 days ago
The Monarch gets Team Venture during the social event of the season.
aired 35 days ago
Teens become convinced that the Venture Compound is haunted.
aired 42 days ago
The Monarch continues to rebuild his empire; Dr. Orpheus tries to exorcise a Japanese demon.
aired 49 days ago
Team Venture and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln investigate a crash.
aired 56 days ago
Dr. Orpheus calls upon old friends the Alchemist and Jefferson Twilight to resurrect their former super team, the Order of the Triad.
aired 63 days ago
Baron Underbheit captures Team Venture when the X-1 crashes into Underland.
aired 70 days ago
The Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend go on a double date with The Monarch and a girl he met on the Internet.
aired 77 days ago
Brock discovers a lost video tape from Jonas Venture, Sr.
aired 84 days ago
Team Venture has been trapped by an Egyptian cult.
aired 91 days ago
Brock enlists the help of his ex-girlfriend to defend the Venture Compound.
aired 98 days ago
With the help of Henchmen 21, 24 and a team of new recruits, The Monarch tries to restore his evil empire and revive his relationship with Dr. Girlfriend.
aired 105 days ago
Team Venture and friends struggle to move on in the wake of Hank and Dean's violent and untimely deaths.
aired 112 days ago
Dr. Venture learns the secret of his recurring womb nightmares when a stomach tumor turns out to be something more sinister.
aired 119 days ago
The boys and Dr. Orpheus are forced to testify in the trial of The Monarch.
aired 195 days ago
Deep inside Guild Headquarters, the Monarch and 21 face their ultimate ordeal; the Venture brothers confront one of their own.
aired 202 days ago
The city is hit with a mysterious blizzard that launches Team Venture into action; the Monarch and 21 are sent on a deadly mission to a secret island fortress.
aired 209 days ago
The members of Guild Council must face their archrivals for one last time, while Doc happily falls into a black widow's deadly web.
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Dr. Venture's latest invention is a real game-changer, and the new game is deadly.
VOD available
The Monarch and 21 play a deadly game of tutoring an inexperienced villain; a hot plate of danger is served up with a side of hilarity.
VOD available
The Venture family returns to its old compound, where intrigue, danger, jackets and diplomacy await.