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In 1870s Wyoming, Slim Sherman and his brother try to save the ranch after their father's death.

Latest episodes

aired 28 days ago
Jess tries to help a former outlaw who's trying to go straight, but finds himself drawn into the man's troubles.
aired 344 days ago
After doing Slim a good turn, a saloon girl asks Slim to help her father return money he'd embezzled from a Montana bank.
aired 345 days ago
Slim finds an injured young woman, only to be mistaken for one of her kidnappers when her father finds them.
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Jess catches a man in the freight office who he thinks is casing the place for the Logan gang, though he has no proof.
aired 347 days ago
Jess is critically wounded when he tries to warn Marshal McGary, who is transporting a prisoner to hang, that the prisoner's brother plans to attack the tumbleweed wagon.
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Slim and Jess try to help a mysterious stranger who's been hiding in the mountains, killing Sherman cattle and leaving gold pieces to pay for the animals.
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Jess finds remains of a U.S. Army wagon that disappeared during the war that contained $60,000 in gold.
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When he plans to ride shotgun on a stage carrying a bank shipment, Jess is asked to look the other way and allow a robbery, but when Jess tries to have the man arrested, the office manager refuses to press charges.
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While on the trail with a couple facing financial issues, Jess and the couple find a mule loaded with sacks of gold.
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Though they don't trust him, Slim and Jess are forced to watch an injured ex-con who was forced to assist in a bank robbery.
aired 355 days ago
Slim investigates when a ranch fight leads to death, but Slim is not convinced the Arapaho chief found with the body is the killer.
aired 358 days ago
Bob Blayne's sons come looking for Jess, bent on revenge because Jess maimed their father years ago; though Jess tries to avoid a shootout, when Slim is injured Jess is forced into action.
aired 359 days ago
Slim goes on the hunt for the shooters after returning to the ranch to find Jess and a stage executive shot.
aired 360 days ago
Slim and Jess try to avert bloodshed when they assist neighbors whose ranch has been set afire and from whom horses had been stolen.
aired 361 days ago
Jess searches for Slim, shot and left to die by an outlaw following a robbery, but the captured shooter refuses to talk.
aired 365 days ago
Slim and Daisy are invited to Stacey Bishop's wedding, where trouble is expected, since Stacey's ex is determined to stop the nuptials.
aired 366 days ago
Trouble follows when Jess runs into an old friend who tries to convince Jess to join his outlaw gang.
aired 367 days ago
A man searching for his runaway daughter stops at the Sherman ranch, where he learns that she's a saloon girl involved with outlaws who have targeted the stage line.
aired 368 days ago
When he's attacked, Jess returns fire but winds up shooting the man in the back in the scuffle, prompting the man's brothers to come to Laramie seeking revenge.
aired 369 days ago
Upon returning home from a cattle drive, Slim learns a neighbor's son was killed when he stayed behind in Riverton.
aired 372 days ago
Jess fills in for the sheriff, hoping for a quiet weekend, but a bank robbery in Casper leads to issues in Laramie.

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