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Tales of Wells Fargo

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Jim Hardie helps Wells Fargo agents battle the bad guys.

Latest episodes

aired 145 days ago
While in search of a thief called The Utah Kid, Jim learns that his quarry has been hanged in a small town -- but the crook's stolen cash remains missing.
aired 146 days ago
Hardie searches for Eli Fisher, but first must deal with the man who's been trailing him -- and who's also searching for Fisher.
aired 149 days ago
Hardie interviews applicants for a security job.
aired 150 days ago
Hardie's kid brother wants to join Wells Fargo.
aired 151 days ago
Hardie plots to catch a criminal by going to jail.
aired 152 days ago
Outlaw Pearl Hart robs a Wells Fargo stage.
aired 153 days ago
Hardie has trouble delivering an expensive diamond.
aired 156 days ago
A killer terrorizes people who could testify against him.
aired 157 days ago
An evil family rules a town with their guns.
aired 158 days ago
The heir to a fortune becomes wanted for murder.
aired 159 days ago
An heiress to the town of Wolf Creek faces threats if she claims her inheritance.
aired 160 days ago
An outlaw's wife offers Hardie a share of the loot to protect her from blackmailers.
aired 163 days ago
A man kills a Wells Fargo agent while stealing gold bullion.
aired 164 days ago
Watching a killer's girlfriend in order to capture him.
aired 165 days ago
An unusual gun provides Hardie a clue in a mayor's murder.
aired 166 days ago
An unusual bullet offers the only clue to a murder.
aired 167 days ago
An Englishwoman hopes Hardie can find her mother's killer.
aired 170 days ago
Apaches hold a Wells Fargo agent's daughter ransom for a jailed brave.
aired 171 days ago
Only an outlaw can clear a man wrongly convicted.
aired 172 days ago
A jewel shipment disappears under Hardie's watch.
aired 173 days ago
Hardie must find the problem troubling a nearly deserted town before the governor arrives.

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