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Wagon Train

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Adventures of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to California.

Latest episodes

aired 516 days ago
Major Adams intervenes when a friend's niece becomes romantically involved with a gambler. Guest star: Cesar Romero. With Ward Bond and Robert Horton.
aired 519 days ago
An old Indian asks to join the wagon train so his son can learn the ways of the white man because he believes the Indian way of life is dying.
aired 520 days ago
A man returns from the Civil War to find his home and family destroyed as the result of a feud and heads West to seek his revenge.
aired 521 days ago
A riverboat gambler who has committed murder pretends to be a parson traveling with his children. With Ward Bond and Robert Horton.
aired 522 days ago
An old friend of Adams and McCullough joins the wagon train and shares the fact that he has recently discovered a gold mine in the nearby hills.
aired 523 days ago
A young man who is determined to avoid becoming a henpecked husband must weigh his love for an overbearing woman.
aired 526 days ago
After Flint happens on the body of an Indian killed by a soldier, the tribal chief threatens to attack if the guilty party does not confess.
aired 527 days ago
Major Adams is forced to come to the rescue of a fast-talking con artist who gets himself into a situation that he can't handle.
aired 528 days ago
A young married couple is faced with a difficult problem when the husband's first wife, who was presumed dead, joins the wagon train.
aired 529 days ago
A woman finally learns the truth about her son that she hasn't seen in 10 years. Guest star: Agnes Moorehead. With Ward Bond and Robert Horton.
aired 530 days ago
An Army lieutenant is determined to have revenge on the Indian tribe responsible for his father's death, despite the fact they now want peace.
aired 533 days ago
A man who has spent years running from his painful past is finally forced to face the fears that haunt him.
aired 534 days ago
Flint is sent in search of a gang of robbers who have stolen the wagon train money and deeds to land in California.
aired 535 days ago
A kind stranger traveling with the wagon train manages to prevent an old Indian from being hanged. Guest stars: Mark Stevens and Joanne Dru. With Ward Bond and Robert Horton.
aired 536 days ago
When the horses on the wagon train suddenly begin dying, Flint is sent to find a doctor and finds himself in a shootout with the man's son-in-law.
aired 537 days ago
A youth kills a man defending his sister's honor, only to find his faith in her is misplaced.
aired 540 days ago
When three robbers meet up with the wagon train, a woman is kidnapped and her husband is badly beaten.
aired 541 days ago
Feelings run high when a passenger on the wagon train is accused of murdering a young man. Guest star: Ricardo Montalban. With Ward Bond and Robert Horton.
aired 542 days ago
When a man (Ernest Borgnine) out of Major Adams' past joins the wagon train, he eventually learns to trust himself.
aired 543 days ago
Coop tells Hawks the story about the famed Earp brothers and a lady who perished in the wreck of a stagecoach hauling a cargo of sliver.
aired 544 days ago
Barnaby kills a masked bandit and is then guilt-stricken when he learns that his victim was a boy his own age.

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