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Inspector Gadget

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An update of the classic 1980s kids' cartoon finds bumbling bionic Inspector Gadget back on the beat, lured out of retirement to save the day. He's on the trail of the evil Dr. Claw, who has reactivated his global crime syndicate MAD. As always, the gullible gumshoe at first manages to make things worse, leaving a path of destruction in his investigative wake. Ably assisting Gadget is his confident niece, Penny, and her trusty dog, Brain, a master of disguise. Now an agent in training, Penny uses her intelligence, martial arts and high-tech gear to keep her clumsy uncle safe from harm. But it won't be easy -- Penny must ward off the advances of the handsome Talon, Dr. Claw's nephew.

Latest episodes

aired 15 days ago
Using the antenna on top of the world's tallest building, Dr. Claw plots to take over every satellite in the sky; Astronauts go missing on the Multinational Space Station.
aired 16 days ago
Dr. Claw is unfrozen from his iceberg prison and he still wants to defeat Gadget.
aired 17 days ago
Gadget, Penny and Brain travel to Russia to stop Talon from stealing large ice blocks; Gadget, Penny, Brain, Chief Quimby and Professor Slickstein hop onto the Gadget-bus to head to HQ's annual picnic.
aired 18 days ago
Dr. Claw plots to sink the Pyramid of Giza; Chief Quimby sends the gang back in time to turn Dr. Claw good before he starts building his evil empire.
aired 19 days ago
Talon codes a most evil environment to destroy Gadget; Gadget is invited to appear as a contestant on Japan's top game show.
aired 20 days ago
MAD defaces the world's monuments purely for kicks and to spite Baron Von Steeltoes; Dr. Claw plans to have MADcat and Brain switch bodies to gain access to HQ's new passcodes.
aired 21 days ago
MADtana Dan triggers a volcanic eruption in Hawaii that creates a cloud of ash so that Dr. Claw can go outside without getting a sunburn.
aired 22 days ago
Talon shrinks himself so he can steal passcodes but is mistaken for a mutant rat by Gadget.
aired 23 days ago
MAD creates an evil clone of Penny so he can break into headquarters; Gadget signs up for a dating site.
aired 24 days ago
Talon and Penny must work together when they each find half of a map to the lost city of Atlantis; Dr. Claw steals the largest penny in the world.
aired 25 days ago
MAD is making a muscle enhancer mixture to create a race of unstoppable superhumans, and Gadget is dispatched to find their underground lab in London; Talon takes over MAD while Dr. Claw goes off to visit his mother.
aired 26 days ago
Renowned archeologist Dr. Ithica Marvins discovers the fabled Fountain of Youth, only to have MAD claim it as their own; Gadget is asked to deliver the keynote address at Evil U.
aired 27 days ago
Dr. Claw sends Talon to the Himalayas for not completing any of his evil missions; Dr. Claw is not invited to a huge Super-Scoundrel party hosted by Baron Von Steeltoes.
aired 28 days ago
HQ and MAD embark on a thrilling chase through the Himalayas to find a mystic mind-control helmet; Dr. Claw indulges in trainspotting and decides he must have a hi-tech train.
aired 29 days ago
A mysterious tablet shows up on Easter Island; Penny accidentally awakens a race of automatons.
aired 30 days ago
Dr. Claw builds a submarine called the Loathe Boat for his vacation; MADcat sinks the sub on the first voyage.
aired 31 days ago
Time and space collide when a machine able to harness time-travel is taken over by MAD; Talon intercepts a social media post from Penny about going on vacation and tells Claw he can grab Gadget.
aired 32 days ago
Billionaire Owen Barnstormer lends the gang his futuristic Ultra Blimp; Dr. Claw gets everyone addicted to a mobile game.
aired 33 days ago
Dr Claw and his mother devise a fiendish plot to reduce the world's population to snoozing zombies; Dr. Claw breaks the MADgician out of his asylum.
aired 34 days ago
Dr. Claw turns his home into a hollowed-out iceberg, then complains that it's too cold; the day of the big HQ Reunion, Penny is thrilled to learn that her hero, Detective Data, will be attending.
aired 35 days ago
Dr. Claw is close to discovering the Lost City of Diamonds; Dr. Claw discovers the secret to freezing time.

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