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Inspector Gadget

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Inspector Gadget, a bumbling detective, needs lots of help and luck to solve cases assigned by short-tempered Chief Quimby. That help comes from his young, but smart-beyond-her-years niece, Penny, and faithful dog, Brain, who has a human IQ. The trio relies on high-tech items -- i.e. Penny's watch links to a video communicator in Brain's collar -- and other tools to elude trouble from Dr. Claw of MAD. Despite Gadget's shortcomings, he manages to solve each case. Don Adams -- who played Maxwell Smart in the 1960s series "Get Smart" -- voices Gadget.

Latest episodes

VOD available
A ray gun shrinks Gadget.
VOD available
Five tiny, toothy men go after Gadget.
VOD available
Dr. Claw wants to remove Gadget's gadgets.
VOD available
M.A.D. commits crimes on its anniversary.
VOD available
Gadget and Capeman find a bomb in a mint.
VOD available
Dr. Claw tries to steal a king's llama.
VOD available
Gadget joins a seance to find stolen pets.
VOD available
Two M.A.D. magicians plan a gold theft.
aired 10 days ago
M.A.D. tries to sabotage the Winter Olympics.
aired 11 days ago
Gadget protects armored cars from Dr. Claw.
aired 14 days ago
Dr. Claw's henchman tries to take Gadget's watch.
aired 15 days ago
M.A.D. goes after canine Fang.
aired 16 days ago
M.A.D. wants the King of Fuzug's treasure.
aired 17 days ago
Dr. Claw wants to steal the Star of Instanbul.
aired 18 days ago
Dr. Claw threatens the world's forests.
aired 21 days ago
M.A.D. plans to rob Paris' millionaires.
aired 22 days ago
Gadget guards a coin collection.
aired 23 days ago
M.A.D. wants to kidnap the world's scientists.
aired 24 days ago
M.A.D. invents a weather machine.
aired 25 days ago
Gadget protects a man who knows too much.
aired 28 days ago
Gadget guards the national gold reserve.

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