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When Max was a little boy, his Grandpa Felix presented him with a homemade superhero belt. This sparked Max's love of comic books, action figures, and adventurous storytelling. Now 6-year-old Max shares his love of superheroes with his favorite pet parakeets, Ace and Polly. Parakeet siblings Ace and Polly at first glance seem like ordinary pets, but they're not your average birds. Inspired by their owner Max's creative play, Ace and Polly's oversized imaginations take them on heroic adventures. Unbeknownst to Max, whenever he leaves for the day, Ace and Polly take to the sky as the Powerbirds. They use their wits and special superpowers such as fantastic freeze, super sight, super speed and beyond, to save their neighborhoods from furry and feathery animal villains.

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Clawdette inadvertently sabotages Ace and Polly's attempts to stop Asher Stasher from collecting all the soccer balls in town; Scrapper schemes to sneak into the house to take the cupcakes Max has baked for his classmates.
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Ace and Polly have to stop Nibbles, who's ruining the Harvest festival by taking over the hayride; Ace and Polly must save the day and their reputations when a fake Powerbird makes them look bad.
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Nibbles is taking all the birthday treats in town, ruining everyone's birthdays; when Scrapper and Clawdette battle over a prized possession, the Powerbirds fly to the rescue.
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In order to save Max's family pizza night, the Powerbirds must protect the pizzas from Scrapper at all costs; Minerva takes over the local bookmobile.
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Minerva makes all the teachers act silly, leaving her as the smartest person left; the Powerbirds spot a UFO in the backyard.
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When Asher Stasher nabs all the trophies in town, the Powerbirds rely on one another to save the day and return the prizes to their rightful owners; Minerva is determined to ruin everyone's dreams, making them tired while she's well rested.
aired 12 days ago
Max is excited to see a new T-rex exhibit at the museum; a big match featuring Max's favorite wrestler, Starburst Jackson, is coming to town.
aired 38 days ago
Inspired by their owner Max's love of comic books, ordinary pet parakeets Ace and Polly transform into superheroes called the Powerbirds to save the neighborhood from animal villains.
airs in 10 days
Nibbles plans to write his name in some freshly poured cement, so it'll be there forever! In order to stop him Polly learns that being calm in the face of pressure is the key to success./Ace and Polly take on Minerva, who snuck into the museum before it opened and switched all the plaques to make it seem like she invented everything.
airs in 3 days
Nibbles steals the finish line for the big race so that no one can win it; Ace and Polly team up against Minerva, who's stolen the last page out of every copy of Max's favorite comic book, Idaho Smith, so only she knows the ending.
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Six-year-old Max shares his love of superheroes with his parakeets, Ace and Polly, who transform into superheroes called Powerbirds; they embark on playful superhero adventures during which they save the neighborhood from animal villains.

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