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The adventures of the cartoon cat Heathcliff and his friends.

Latest episodes

aired 47 days ago
The adventures of the cartoon cat Heathcliff and his friends.
aired 48 days ago
Heathcliff embarrasses the Nutmegs at the firehouse; Riff Raff promises to get Cleo an elegant boudoir.
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Heathcliff's encounter with the local zoo's kindly lion leaves him disappointed; the Catillac Cats race up Mount Whoji.
aired 52 days ago
A movie star cat shows up in Heathcliff's town to film a movie, instantly catching Sonja's eye.
aired 53 days ago
A young copycat obsesses over Heathcliff to the point of annoyance; Mungo falls in love with Cleo's country cousin, LuluBelle.
aired 59 days ago
Heathcliff wants to find Santa Claus when Iggy's letter to Santa comes back to him; Mungo must act as a positive role model for his younger brother.
aired 60 days ago
Heathcliff hunts alligators in the New York sewers.
aired 66 days ago
After a run of trouble, Heathcliff decides to run away and join the French Cat Legion; the Catillac Cats cause Leroy to lose his job, but his replacement is even worse.
aired 67 days ago
When Heathcliff loses his memory, the alley cats make him their servant; Riff Raff helps a cat win over a former love.
aired 68 days ago
A new cat tries to move in on Heathcliff's operation. While Riff Raff is away, the Catillac Cats are distracted by some beautiful felines and the former owner of the Catillac reclaims it from the junkyard.
aired 69 days ago
A new dog teaches Spike how to stand up to Heathcliff; the Catillac Cats try to get their paws on a car dealership's promotional food offering.
aired 75 days ago
A doctor attempts to train Heathcliff to fear fish; the Catillac Cats remember the Christmas that brought them together.
aired 76 days ago
Heathcliff believes someone dognapped Spike and launches an investigation; Riff Raff asks a ninja cat to train him in martial arts.
aired 79 days ago
Heathcliff and Sonja remember their first date differently; the Catillac Cats compete in the Catlympics to determine who gets control of the junkyard.
aired 81 days ago
Mugsy decides to toughen up Spike.
aired 83 days ago
The Nutmegs take Heathcliff in for therapy; Mungo becomes trapped inside Screwloose's painting.
aired 86 days ago
Heathcliff dreams about what it might be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. While dreaming, Heathcliff finds out it's not exactly what he imagined.
aired 87 days ago
Heathcliff develops a rivalry with a new, uppity cat; Mungo insists on paying Riff Raff back for saving his life -- even if he ends up driving Riff Raff crazy.
aired 88 days ago
Heathcliff finds out he is a stunt double for a temperamental star; mean dogs threaten to take over the junkyard.
aired 89 days ago
A mouse moves in; Heathcliff and the gang try to find Catlantis.
aired 90 days ago
A visit to the museum inspires Heathcliff to throw a birthday party for Sonja there that evening; Hector convinces Mungo to take care of an egg he claims he laid.

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