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Hell's Kitchen

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Gordon Ramsay hosts a fiery cooking competition in which the winner receives a head chef position.

Latest episodes

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The final 10 chefs are surprised when Ramsay brings in his daughter to celebrate her Sweet 16; each chef must create a worthy dish to be served at her party; a dinner service; an elimination.
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A challenge involving cooking five commonly served "staple" dishes; chef Ramsay makes changes to a dining service.
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The chefs must create a dish using potatoes as the key component; the pressure becomes unbearable for one chef, leading to a chaotic dinner service.
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Teams are tasked with cooking halibut in seven different ways; a dinner service; an elimination; pianist Stephan Moccio; chef David LeFevre.
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The chefs compete in a sled race for an advantage in the upcoming challenge, during which the two teams prepare winter soups; chef Ramsay makes an extreme change in the teams.
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The chefs serve lunch to a room full of Marines, preparing dishes that represent the air, the land and the sea; a dramatic dinner service ends with a contestant walk-out.
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The chefs must prepare their own risotto dish; the chefs face their first dinner service.
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Eight previous contestants return to battle against eight ambitious rookies for a chance at the grand prize; the rookie chefs prepare the best versions of their signature dishes within 45 minutes; the veterans must attempt to create the same dishes.

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