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Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann search for forgotten and derelict classic cars to restore.

Latest episodes

aired 333 days ago
The Gas Monkeys prepare Richard's 1968 Shelby Mustang for the Mid America Shelby Meet in Tulsa, Okla.; Richard buys a one-of-a-kind 1977 Dodge Maxivan once owned by Mr. Norms, a Mopar icon; added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 340 days ago
The Monkeys rush to finish the 1969 Plymouth Satellite for actor Barry Williams ("The Brady Bunch"); a Tiki idol curse may hinder their chances of meeting Barry's expectations in time for the car's debut on HGTV; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 341 days ago
Actor Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady, hires Richard and his crew to build "The Brady Bunch" station wagon with bad-ass Gas Monkey attitude for an HGTV event that's only 30 days away; added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 347 days ago
With added facts and bonus scenes; the Gas Monkeys prepare Richard's 1968 Shelby Mustang for the Mid America Shelby Meet in Tulsa.
aired 354 days ago
The Monkeys find themselves in a motor mishap when their 1950s flathead won't fit the 1933 Ford pickup; Richard travels west to buy a 1970s "Good Times" van; the garage heads to Monster Jam; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 361 days ago
Richard makes Brian Bass an offer to turn his antique 1933 Ford Model B into the ultimate Gas Monkey shop truck; Richard hopes to make some cash on a 1972 Plymouth 'Cuda he bought for a steal; with extra facts and bonus footage.
aired 368 days ago
Richard and the Gas Monkeys raise the bar as they transform a 1972 Riviera Boat-Tail into a mind-blowing super-build they plan to debut at SEMA; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 375 days ago
A monster-sized Hellcat motor throws a wrench into the works as the Monkeys race to finish the 1979 Scout II and fulfill Richard's quest to fetch a record payout for this one-of-a-kind build; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 389 days ago
Richard and the Monkeys forge gear-head history packing a 1979 Scout II with a 707 HP Hellcrate engine; Richard's vision is to build a one-of-a-kind Monkeyed-up Scout to Hell for a big payday; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 396 days ago
The Gas Monkeys race the clock to finish the iconic 1968 Fastback Mustang from "Bullitt" in time for one of the craziest, fastest, and most historic stunts in "Fast N' Loud" history; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 397 days ago
Actor Chad McQueen asks the Monkeys to rebuild the iconic 1968 Fastback Mustang featured in "Bullitt" and get it to San Francisco in time to re-create the movie's famous car chase; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 403 days ago
Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann search for forgotten and derelict classic cars to restore.

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Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman deal in rusty gold. The proprietors of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas buy, restore and resell forgotten, derelict American cars, everything from 1931 Model A cars to '73 Trans Ams. As "Fast N' Loud" shows, Rawlings is the mastermind, a deal-maker with an eye for relics worth their efforts, and to find them the guys search barns, fields and auctions across the U.S. Kaufman manages most restorations. He's a fabricator and self-taught mechanic, whose techniques and design skills first endeared him to Rawlings and kick-started the partnership. At the end of Season 12, that partnership ended when Kaufman exited Gas Monkey, leaving Rawlings as the series' sole star.
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Richard Rawlings, the star of Discovery Channel's hit series "Fast N' Loud," knows what it takes to turn a dream into a full-fledged business empire. From the ground up, he built Dallas-based Gas Monkey Garage into a world-famous car restoration shop, gaining invaluable experience along the way. Now, Rawlings is ready to pass along that knowledge to help struggling garages in desperate need of transformation. Joined by project manager Russell J. Holmes and garage designer Chris Stephens, Richard takes on seemingly impossible challenges -- dealing with out-of-touch owners, lazy employees, bad workflow and significant construction issues -- and uses his entrepreneurial savvy, deep knowledge of the auto industry, and multifaceted marketing skills to produce profitable businesses. Russell gets the rehabs done on time and on budget, while Chris implements Richard's vision for the shop.
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Episodes of "Fast N' Loud" with additional content.
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Richard and Aaron share the wildest clips.
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It takes a lot of nuts and bolts, so to speak, to challenge Richard Rawlings and his crew at Dallas hot rod shop Gas Monkey Garage. But that's what mechanics Tom Smith and Jordan Butler are fixin' to do by opening a rival shop with fellow car pros Thomas Weeks and Scot McMillan. The venture, Fired Up Garage, is their chance to go toe-to-toe with powerful Gas Monkey -- featured in Discovery's hit series "Fast N' Loud" -- and prove that they have what it takes to run a car business. Smith and Butler have extra motivation, too: They worked at Gas Monkey before a series of mishaps forced Rawlings to fire them.
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After departing Gas Monkey Garage in 2016, former "Fast N' Loud" star Aaron Kaufman opened his own auto shop, Arclight Fabrication, in Dallas, where he's shifting gears by focusing on his personal car-design passions. Along with a crew of hand-picked builders from around the country, Aaron pushes his design abilities by working on different types of vehicles. His goal for every build: maximize performance, then test each car in some of the harshest conditions known to the auto world. The series documents the guys' excitement and curiosity for how far their talents will take them, as they their build expertise, stamina and creativity to the test.
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Street racing in the U.S. is the subject of this docu-reality series, which purportedly provides an inside look into the action both on the road and behind the scenes. In Oklahoma City, for example, racers boast having the fastest street cars in the country, and the racing, they say, comes first -- before family, before friends and before work. From a 1969 Chevy Nova to a race-ready farm truck, the vehicles -- and their drivers -- come in all shapes and sizes and have one thing in common: the need for speed.
An oddball family of employees at supersized megastore Cloud 9 tackles the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions. Stalwart employee Amy is just trying to hold it all together despite the best efforts of her daftly clueless manager Glen and his iron-fisted assistant Dina. Rounding out the crew is new hire Jonah, a dreamy dreamer, sardonic Garrett, ambitious Mateo and sweet young mother-to-be Cheyenne. From bright-eyed newbies to seen-it-all veterans, bumbling seasonal hires and in-it-for-life managers, they're all going to get through another day -- together.