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Exploring the world's weirdest creatures.

Latest episodes

aired 39 days ago
Sea slugs; hermaphrodite flatworms; fish that walk on land; lizards that walk on water; an octopus that changes colors; snails with built-in harpoons for hunting; sea cucumbers that spill their guts in self-defense.
airs in 4 days
The mystery behind mass animal deaths occurring across the globe.
aired 86 days ago
Animal pranks; indiscriminate mating; animals on the loose.
aired 86 days ago
Bizarre farms, farming methods and farmers.
airs in 2 days
The smartest beasts on the block.
aired 160 days ago
Freak encounters; unexpected assaults; killer animal instincts.
aired 160 days ago
Mutations, shocking survivors, and freakish feats.
aired 161 days ago
Giraffes with super powers; fish with chainsaw noses; exploding toads; flying crocodiles; real life liger.
aired 161 days ago
Flying squirrels; Asian carp spring from the water; flying snakes; vampire bats.
aired 161 days ago
Komodo dragons seek prey; black widow spiders sense movement; preying mantis attacks its mates; a horned lizard shoots blood from its eyes in self-defense; hedgehog habits.
aired 161 days ago
Creatures prepared in weird ways; beavers building emergency bunkers; spiders laying hairspring traps.
aired 183 days ago
Similarities between humans and animals, including a chimp that knows his own reflection and elephants that hold funerals for their dead.
airs in 2 days
Animals from lions to seahorses challenge the commonly held beliefs about gender roles and boundaries.
airs in 2 days
Promiscuity and post-coital cannibalism.
aired 184 days ago
A look at the methods employed by mothers and their offspring to sidestep and outwit predators during one of the most vulnerable periods of life.
airs in 2 days
Inflatable eyes, a nose that sees and even a see-through head; a showcase for some of the strangest animal appendages on the planet.
aired 193 days ago
Discovering the most dysfunctional parents in the animal kingdom.
aired 217 days ago
Bizarre courtship and mating rituals in the animal kingdom.
aired 217 days ago
Freaky tactics and outlandish weapons used by some animals.
aired 219 days ago
Animals with creative ways around life's challenge to survival in a world where only the fittest survive.
aired 220 days ago
Unbelievable appetites; stomach-churning snacks; death-defying meals.

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English naturalist Chris Packham explores some of the strangest natural events to be caught on camera in this docuseries. Assisted by scientists and experiments, Packham explores the secrets behind bizarre science, crazy weather and medical marvels. Using footage taken by eyewitnesses and news crews, the host attempts to decipher the truth behind each scene. Some of the incidents under scrutiny are unusual animal friendships, towns under the siege of thousands of flying insects and extraordinary mating calls that have kept people awake at night.
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The human senses are pretty incredible, but people only see, hear and smell a tiny fraction of what's out there; there is a hidden world that animals across the globe can experience.
Alaska is a place that is known for its harsh beauty. Glaciers give way to winding coils of rivers and streams that feed into pristine lakes. Winters in the Arctic Circle can be harsh and unforgiving, but the summer brings with it some very surprising heat waves. The landscape is harsh, but it is home to an incredible range of wildlife. The series explores the seasons -- spring, summer, and winter -- and the way that they force the wildlife to adapt and thrive. Such animals to be seen are polar bears taking their first steps on the new ice of the season, a sea otter mother and its baby, and grizzly bears rushing to gorge themselves to fatten up.