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World's Deadliest

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Investigating the world's most clever and savage predators.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Predators do not always get their way, and the tables can be turned on mighty hunters when the underdog fights back.
aired 2 days ago
Animals fight over food, sex and territory.
aired 2 days ago
Baby predators learn to hunt and some emerge from the womb ready to kill.
aired 2 days ago
The fastest killers in the animal kingdom.
airs in 1 day
Tiny terrors prove that sometimes deadly killers come in small packages.
aired 12 days ago
Covert assassins of the animal kingdom who possess the skills to kill: speed, stealth, agility, patience and weapons.
aired 12 days ago
Feudal families, monarchs and territorial clans of the animal kingdom.
airs in 13 days
Living in paradise is no holiday for many animals as it is hunting grounds for some terrifying and deadly creatures.
aired 12 days ago
America is home to an array of wild creatures that has roamed the continent for millennia; among this myriad of species is an elite group called "America's Deadly Dozen."
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Rivers bring water, essential to all life; but wherever they flow, death follows.
VOD available
Killers prowl the snow, leaving blood on the ice and bodies floating in the frigid water.
VOD available
The deadliest animals in the world go head to head in a battle for survival.
airs in 12 days
Aquatic and terrestrial creatures engage in combat as they dispute borders between land and water; predators learn to hunt in different situations while prey must watch for attacks.
aired 13 days ago
A maniacal stoat hypnotize its prey; a parasite turns its prey into zombies.
aired 13 days ago
Dangerous animals of the sea.
aired 20 days ago
Grizzly bears, rhinos, gorillas and other predators commit the ultimate sins.
aired 23 days ago
Dangerous places in which people and animals violently collide.
aired 23 days ago
Feisty and fearless females of the animal kingdom who use their paws, claws and jaws for the survival of their offspring and themselves.
aired 23 days ago
A polar bear, great white and crocodile display their differing hunting strategies on unsuspecting prey as some of the worlds ultimate predators.
aired 30 days ago
The most dangerous creatures of Africa include 12 known for their deadly force.
aired 34 days ago
Unsettling predators stalk their prey on land and at sea.

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