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With a unique ability to see the world through their eyes, renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates all manner of troubled canines in this popular reality series, and often that involves Millan not only teaching dogs new tricks but also training their owners how to achieve a balanced relationship with their pets.

Latest episodes

aired 200 days ago
Holly, a Labrador puppy, displays severe food aggression; a women's shelter will take a needy woman and her pit bull, Tucker, but Cesar must help the dog become less protective first.
aired 112 days ago
Cesar helps fitness guru Jillian Michaels with her aggressive Chihuahua, while "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer needs help house-training his dogs.
aired 390 days ago
Cesar meets NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick to help with his snappy Chihuahua and an aggressive Pekingese called Gizmo.
aired 200 days ago
Cesar helps dogs overcome their fears including a whippet mix who is blind and deaf, a labradoodle that fears the ocean, and a cocker spaniel that fears all humans.
aired 200 days ago
Cesar helps comedians Skyler Stone, Ralphie May and Paul Rodriguez get to grips with their unruly hounds.
aired 300 days ago
Playboy Playmates, Miss February 2010 is having trouble with her Chichuahua, while Orange County, Miss September 2011 with her terrier pug mix.
aired 301 days ago
Cesar helps the lead singer of Rooney with his aggressive pit bull, while writer and producer Paul needs help with his two Boston terriers.
aired 302 days ago
Cesar brings discipline to four chaotic Chinese crested dogs, an over-energetic mastiff mix and two unruly miniature dachshunds.
aired 305 days ago
Cesar's English adventure ends with an aggressive klee kai, a collie mix that hates walks, and a hyper Labrador.
aired 8 days ago
Problem dogs in the U.K. including two dogs that spent most of their lives in Africa, and a barking Jack Russell terrier mix.
aired 112 days ago
British problem dogs including wild German Shepherds, a dog that must be muzzled by court order, and an English cocker spaniel that hates cars.
aired 307 days ago
Cesar helps owners of rescue dogs including a terrier mix that screams and a Belgian Tervuren scared of her own home; Cesar helps a family adopting their first dog.
aired 308 days ago
Young fans Jessica and Rachel join Cesar as he deals with a tiny dog with an outsized personality and a nervous pit bull mix afraid of the sea.
aired 309 days ago
A Pointer mix is fixated on pinecones, while an Australian shepherd whines every time his owner switches on the vacuum cleaner.
aired 200 days ago
Cesar helps a newlywed couple whose dogs don't let them get close and another pair who met online and are nervous about introducing their dogs.
aired 313 days ago
Cesar helps Melody and Tom, who is so terrified of dogs that he will even leave a job site if one is near, deal with their fears and anxieties.
aired 314 days ago
Cesar helps two former gang members through Homeboy Industries, an outreach program designed to break the cycle of gang violence but who have problem dogs at home.
aired 315 days ago
At an army base, Cesar helps an Australian shepherd scared of men in uniform and a Shetland shepherd who barks non-stop when planes fly overhead.
aired 316 days ago
Stella is a bulldog mascot for a dog-friendly cafe; a German shepherd who barks to loud, and two aggressive miniature pinschers.
aired 112 days ago
Two Jack Russell terriers, Ruby and Jinx, show how dogs communicate through energy and body language.
aired 147 days ago
Aggressive bulldog Hugo is sent to canine rehab; Crusty must overcome his dominance issues if he's ever going to enjoy walks.
aired 321 days ago
A dog with an abusive past fears men; a Border Collie mix refuses to leave his chair and is afraid of leashes.
aired 322 days ago
A couple with three unruly dogs, one with aggression issues; a poodle who fears the back door since running into the screen door; a Weimaraner who is territorial and aggressive.
aired 323 days ago
Mufasa, a South African boerboel, became aggressive after being pinned down by another dog; Tucker, a teacup poodle, behavior becomes more aggressive.
aired 326 days ago
A dogo Argentino with canine aggression; a terrier/corgi mix who becomes aggressive when faced with traveling.
aired 147 days ago
A dog trained to sniff out contraband cell phones in prisons is unable to do his job due to his skittish nature; a dog is terrified of hot air balloons.
aired 116 days ago
Nate Brouwer and Charnae Wright bonded through their love of dogs and the outdoors, but their feuding dogs are threatening to tear them apart.
aired 329 days ago
An aggressive Manchester Terrier; a Wheaton Terrier with poor social skills; a dog who is afraid of the ocean.
aired 6 days ago
An Australian Shepherd behaves aggressively after being attacked by a couple of dogs; a shelter dog won't stop biting and snapping at potential owners.
aired 333 days ago
A couple of German shepherd pups with a shadowy obedience track records; a rescue dog with trust issues.
aired 599 days ago
NASA astronauts Suni Williams and Leland Melvin have worked on the International Space Station, but need Cesar's help with canine problems.
aired 6 days ago
Cesar helps actress Rhona Mitra curb her bulldog's violent tendencies; a newly-wed couples Chihuahua assumes dominance over their sheltie mix.
aired 601 days ago
Cesar joins forces with Jennifer McCarthy to examine the nature of wolf-dogs, the result of the cross-breeding of wolves and domestic dogs.
aired 8 days ago
Cesar helps Casey Anderson, of "Expedition Wild," and his wife, actress Missi Pyle, with their dogs; a pit bull's fears make him aggressive.
aired 334 days ago
A border collie/greyhound mix with an aversion to other dogs; a woman tries to tame her dog's nervousness; a large dog with too much energy.
aired 8 days ago
An English Bulldog who is destroying her owner's house and aggressive towards their other dog; Howie Mandel's chihuahua is aggressive towards him and his wife.
aired 336 days ago
A wheaten terrier mix is so attached to her owner that she won't leave his side; a shar-pei who is aggressive towards other dogs.
aired 112 days ago
When Susan MacDonald met Cobar, an Australian koolie dog, she thought it would be a match made in heaven, but she was wrong; a Shar-Pei mix is afraid of his own reflection.
aired 340 days ago
Cesar tries to restore the peace between a Chihuahua mix and a Mastiff, and tackles an out-of-control pit bull puppy.
aired 341 days ago
A close-knit community on Moorpar in California finds itself endangered by a collection of mischievous dogs, including three huskies.
aired 147 days ago
Cesar comes the the aid of his good friend Dr Rick Garcia, a vet who is having trouble taming a terrier with epilepsy; Cesar helps a timid Rottweiler called Tank.
aired 112 days ago
Cesar revisits some of his toughest cases and explores the history or misunderstood dog breeds to dispel myths about aggression.
aired 112 days ago
Two Chihuahuas who fight whenever they are in the same room; a dog who attempts to prevent his owner's boyfriend from leaving the house; a dog who is obsessed with moving water.
aired 346 days ago
A Weimaraner is aggressive towards anyone who turns on one of the motorized bikes used to deliver the mail; an aggressive shar-pei; an Australian red cattle dog who barks incessantly.
aired 347 days ago
A great Dane bites her owner; a bearded collie with dog aggression; a mouthy French mastiff.
aired 348 days ago
Two German shepherds who get along fine at home, but are at each other's throats when at daycare; a miniature schnauzer that barks when her owner's grandchildren visit.
aired 349 days ago
Life coach and fitness trainer Jillian Michaels can whip contestants on the "Biggest Loser" television series into shape, but she's at a loss when it comes to her dog; escape artist dog; dog dislikes brooms and windshield wipers.
aired 354 days ago
A woman's French bulldog exhibits people aggression that started for no apparent reason when he turned two years old.
aired 147 days ago
A Pekingese who refuses to eat or drink; a Chihuahua who bites people; two chow mixes who share a home but won't play nice with each other.
aired 117 days ago
An aggressive lab-mastiff mix; a Jack Russell mix that barks obsessively; a woman is concerned at her dog's habit of barking and growling at people.
aired 355 days ago
Cesar adopts four puppies and films them living with him and his pack for their first eight months to demonstrate how to raise a balanced dog.
aired 356 days ago
A Great Dane with an aggressive attitude; Cesar helps a shepherd mix recover from the issues developed while living in a hoarding situation so she can be rehomed.
aired 357 days ago
A woman who has relinquished the role of pack leader to her Welsh Sealyham terrier; an English mastiff with too much energy; a Tibetan terrier who is a terror on walks.
aired 360 days ago
Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum's French bulldog goes crazy at the sight of other dogs; Cesar helps a former therapy dog with aggression issues.
aired 361 days ago
Three canines with issues at a dog-friendly ad agency office; a border collie mix becomes excited and unresponsive to commands when in her owner's truck.
aired 362 days ago
A Weimaraner eats everything in sight; a yellow Lab's excess energy is expressed destructively; an Australian shepherd is unable to socialize with other dogs.
aired 363 days ago
Cesar attempts to introduce Roscoe, an agoraphobic Akita who is too scared to leave the house and garden and has never been for a walk, to the outside world.
aired 364 days ago
Family dogs brawl with each other; a dog torments a child; a five-legged miniature pinscher has an aggressive attitude.
aired 367 days ago
Cesar Millan helps Suzie Dove Miles, who has recently adopted a Doberman who is fearful of literally everything.
aired 368 days ago
Puppy mills produce millions of dogs; Ceaser works with an animal rights group to rescue and rehabilitate some pups.
aired 369 days ago
A professional dog groomer reaches out to Cesar for help with three of her toughest clients; Cesar helps a couple with their head-strong pitbull.
aired 370 days ago
Cesar Millan investigates the case of a bulldog named Bella who has become aggressive ever since her owner's five-month rehab stint.
aired 371 days ago
A pit bull is aggressive toward people and dogs; a dachshund mix exhibits aggression at feeding time and when it comes time to trim his nails.
aired 374 days ago
Cesar teams up with horse whisperer Pat Parelli to improve the behavior of the dogs and horses at a riding center; a schnauzer/poodle mix with separation anxiety and dog aggression.
aired 375 days ago
A Wheaten terrier puppy bites when playing; a Jack Russell terrier jumps when the garbage disposal runs and lunges at the dishwasher; a Lab fears shiny floors.
aired 376 days ago
A vicious Chihuahua frightens the pit bulls at the rescue center where he lives.
aired 377 days ago
A basset hound is afraid of her owner's husband; a blue heeler mix with unique bedtime rituals.
aired 378 days ago
Two wolf hybrids with aggression issues; an aggressive Chihuahua.
aired 381 days ago
A Chihuahua mix with aggression issues; a Pomeranian with severe separation anxiety; an Aussie/shar pei mix who runs away when his owner coughs.
aired 382 days ago
A Great Dane behaves aggressively toward strange dogs; a Lhasa apso eats everything she can get her paws on.
aired 116 days ago
An aggressive sheepdog/collie mix needs extra attention, so Cesar brings him to the Dog Psychology Center; a St. Bernard with a fear of stairs.
aired 8 days ago
Cesar helps a pregnant Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's English bulldog with his aggression issues before the baby arrives; a retriever with food aggression.
aired 385 days ago
A Maltese hates being on his leash; an American Eskimo barks and circles strangers who enter the house; a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever with a fear of pools.
aired 497 days ago
A Labrador mix with dog aggression; a Jack Russell terrier and a Queensland heeler whose formerly cordial relationship has become hostile.
aired 500 days ago
An aggressive English bulldog/Lab mix; a cocker spaniel with a life-threatening appetite for paper products.
aired 501 days ago
A couple's Chihuahua mix terrorizes their mastiff and dominates the house; a pit bull is not growing out of his puppy behavior.
aired 502 days ago
A French bulldog is nervous around other dogs and occasionally nips at people; a Vizsla who resists going outside due to her fear of cars.
aired 503 days ago
A dachshund with a biting problem; a territorial German shepherd.
aired 8 days ago
Cesar celebrates the show's 100th episode with a grand reunion of many of the past guests and their dogs.
aired 507 days ago
Cesar works to dial down the bad behaviors of four problem dogs who won sessions at the PETCO auditions.
aired 508 days ago
Dave Glassman adopted pit bulls Blackjack and Memphis together, but one day during a barking fit the two dogs turned on each other.
aired 453 days ago
A Doberman/Lab and a pit bull develop behavioral issues after not being walked for months; an Italian greyhound acts aggressively toward the men of the house.
aired 454 days ago
Two troubled dogs, and their families, win sessions with Cesar after auditioning at a pet store in Orange County, Calif.
aired 455 days ago
Cesar helps actor and comedian Kathy Griffin with her two rescue dogs, Chance and Pom Pom, who are disobedient and territorial.
aired 458 days ago
Cesar helps a man get over a fear of dogs so he can finally fulfill his children's request to adopt one of their own.
aired 459 days ago
An Australian shepherd/pit bull mix with severe aggression issues; a boxer's owners are concerned by her tendency to jump the six-foot backyard fence.
aired 460 days ago
A border collie is overprotective of his owner; a German shepherd is aggressive toward other dogs and people.
aired 461 days ago
Cesar helps the owner of a grooming business deal with difficult canine clients; a Chihuahua has a barking problem.
aired 462 days ago
A ridgeback/boxer mix's high energy develops into severe aggression; a couple's whippets bark and lunge at any dog that comes inside the boutique.
aired 465 days ago
A pit bull is aggressive toward strangers; a Rottweiler/Shar-Pei mix must get his aggression under control or be euthanized.
aired 466 days ago
An aggressive bulldog; a beagle/terrier mix with a fear of trash cans; a Lab mix who has started to exhibit anxiety outside.
aired 467 days ago
A German shepherd/Welsh corgi mix has dog aggression; a blind Lab chases his tail when he is around food.
aired 468 days ago
An Alaskan malamute exhibits aggressive tendencies; Cesar helps a professional dog walker with her clients.
aired 469 days ago
Cesar revisits some of his toughest cases and sees how being on the show changed not only the dogs, but the lives of the owners.
aired 473 days ago
Cesar tries to help an aggressive Shiba Inu from Japan and meets a wire fox terrier who has a fixation with a riding lawn-mower.
aired 474 days ago
A Yorkshire terrier barks too much; a once-shy German shepherd has become aggressive; a shepherd mix has a whining problem.
aired 475 days ago
A Lab-greyhound mix has aggression problems; a Rhodesian Ridgeback-boxer mix has severe dog aggression.
aired 476 days ago
A Yorkshire terrier who became aggressive after going blind; a spoiled Pekingese/miniature poodle mix; a Rottweiler with a dangerous obsession with the horses on the ranch where she lives.
aired 484 days ago
Cesar tries to help bring peace to Jennifer Lee Pryor's home, where fights have been breaking out among foster dogs and her own four dogs; an aggressive beagle.
aired 487 days ago
Cesar Millan helps an overly aggressive German shepherd and a timid rat terrier.
aired 488 days ago
After a 45-day stint in Iraq and two hurricanes, an explosive-sniffing ATF Labrador retriever begins exhibiting severe symptoms of terror.
aired 489 days ago
A widow's retriever mix and two fox terriers do not get along; a Shar-Pei/Doberman mix drools excessively on car rides; Cesar revisits a Rottweiler mix.
aired 490 days ago
TV personality Ed McMahon has an aggressive wheaten terrier; a beagle will not leave the house; an Australian shepherd is so territorial no one has visited his home in years.
aired 491 days ago
A family's new Great Dane moves in on its other dog's territory; Cesar helps Los Angeles' animal-control department with its new pet-ownership program.
aired 494 days ago
A pit bull/chow mix has an extreme fear of the stove; a Rottweiler and a German shepherd battle for control; a Jack Russell terrier cannot handle the loss of its pack leader.
aired 495 days ago
A feral dog refuses to be caught; the addition of an English bulldog disrupts the harmonious relationship of a boxer and a cocker spaniel; a pit bull terrier refuses to go for walks.
aired 498 days ago
An American Eskimo dog attacks doors and windows whenever people pass; a shiba inu overprotects his corgi playmate; two bulldogs are aggressive.
aired 501 days ago
Cesar tries to restore peace at an apartment complex where the residents' dogs do not get along; a family has trouble controlling its three dogs.
aired 502 days ago
A golden retriever mix with canine aggression; a bearded collie who barks, howls and scratches at her owner's boyfriend's guitar; a Lhasa apso/Cavalier Kind Charles Spaniel with canine aggression.
aired 503 days ago
An unpredictably aggressive Kerry blue terrier; two territorial Maltese dogs who are close to being banned from the retirement home where they live; a bloodhound/Catahoula mix who attacks her canine companion.
aired 504 days ago
Cesar visits Tijuana, Mexico, to team up with volunteers from United Hope for Animals, an organization that rescues dogs and finds them U.S. homes; a cocker spaniel taunts her owner.
aired 505 days ago
An Italian greyhound mix is possessive over bones and toys; a mastiff misbehaves outside; a Yorkshire terrier takes over her owner's morning routine.
aired 508 days ago
A puppy terrorizes its owner's cat; a spoiled Yorkshire terrier; a Rottweiler is aggressive toward strangers.
aired 509 days ago
An Australian shepherd is too dedicated to its owner; a beagle mix lashes out at anyone who walks past; an Italian mastiff fears cars.
aired 510 days ago
A ridgeback mix has eccentricities; a Jack Russell terrier attacks motorcycles; a border collie's herding instincts get the best of him.
aired 511 days ago
Cesar Milan is called in to help singer Patti LaBelle who is afraid of her own guard dog and a teacher who wants to unify her dog's dual personalities.
aired 512 days ago
A miniature schnauzer compulsively spins in circles; four French bulldogs do not listen to their owner; a mixed breed has a leash tied so tightly it has to be surgically removed.
aired 515 days ago
A mail carrier learns to thwart dog attacks; two Pomeranians attack each other when left alone; a Swiss mountain dog is aggressive around food.
aired 516 days ago
A French bulldog makes a working couple miss business trips; a beagle won't stop howling.
aired 517 days ago
Cesar helps a disrespectful yellow Lab who causes chaos everywhere she goes and some dogs who are misbehaving at the office.
aired 518 days ago
Cesar Milan helps a couple of basset hounds who have a bad case of rivalry over food, treats and their owners' attention.
aired 519 days ago
A border collie/springer spaniel mix bolts toward small animals; a shepherd mix has a biting problem; a pushy poodle.
aired 522 days ago
A firehouse Dalmatian; a dog becomes aggressive toward his owners after being attacked by two other dogs.
aired 523 days ago
A blue heeler puts herself in danger chasing her owner's pickup truck; an American Eskimo/border collie mix won't walk; a golden retriever is aggressive.
aired 524 days ago
A blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix is overprotective of his owners; a school bus severely injures an American Staffordshire terrier; finding a new companion for a French bulldog.
aired 525 days ago
An Australian shepherd bites people and lunges at strangers since losing an eye; a hound from an animal-testing lab fears people; a Maltese shows aggressive behavior and relieves itself on the carpet.
aired 526 days ago
Cesar's toughest cases have included a bulldog that munched on skateboards, a dog that gnawed garden hoses and basketballs, and a pit bull with issues.
aired 529 days ago
Cesar Milan's Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles is both the home and refuge to nearly 50 dogs who are a resource in his work.
aired 530 days ago
A Yorkie attacks his leash, plants and a fellow Yorkie; a bull terrier attacks larger dogs; a Jack Russell terrier/Italian greyhound mix barks constantly while her owner is at work.
aired 531 days ago
A beagle has a chewing problem; three German shepherds must be kept apart; a bichon frise dislikes her owner.
aired 532 days ago
Cesar helps an adopted terrier mix overcome her terrible fear of men and attempts to solve a pit bull's unhealthy fascination with chewing on rocks.
aired 536 days ago
Nevada inmates learn how to train dogs to be adopted; an ex-show dog and his companion have a power struggle.
aired 537 days ago
A dog becomes aggressive when he sees other dogs; a Newfoundland does not eat; a dog runs out of the house whenever the door opens.
aired 538 days ago
A dog develops an aggression problem after moving to a new area; a big dog does not let people near her owner; a beagle sniffs continually.
aired 539 days ago
A follow-up on the Hurricane Katrina dogs Cesar took; a German shepherd mix is difficult to walk; a chocolate lab refuses to walk on her family's new hardwood floors.
aired 540 days ago
A Maltese tries to bite and attack people; a spoiled Pomeranian; a Rottweiler vents his aggression on shopping carts.
aired 543 days ago
A lab-beagle mix needs help to be socialized; a woman worries about the aggressive behavior of her new husband's dog; a Shar-Pei behaves aggressively toward the TV.
aired 544 days ago
A woman's aggressive dogs are coming in between her and her husband; a German shepard who failed obedience school; a Sheltie barks in the car and bites other dogs.
aired 545 days ago
Actress Denise Richards needs help getting in control of her three dogs; a miniature pinscher bites visitors; a lazy basset hound.
aired 546 days ago
A Doberman mix instigates fights at the dog park; a Pomeranian charges other dogs; an aggressive terrier mix.
aired 547 days ago
Rottweilers with behavior problems; a small mixed-breed fails two obedience classes; a vizsla needs help adjusting to a move from the country to the city.
aired 550 days ago
Pets abandoned during Hurricane Katrina reunite with their owners or find new homes; a pit bull behaves aggressively toward the dog of his owner's new girlfriend; a large dog has pica.
aired 551 days ago
A rescued dog is too ferocious; an insane Great Dane upsets a household; playing matchmaker for a lonely but picky boxer.
aired 552 days ago
A dog with a dark side has a knack for stalking and killing small animals; a poodle chases cars; a bulldog has an adverse reaction to skateboarders.
aired 553 days ago
A human psychologist calls Cesar for help when her pet pug and pet pig fight; an emotionally scarred German shepherd.
aired 554 days ago
Cesar has his hands full with a Labrador that is obsessed with water and a Chihuahua with a penchant for biting legs.

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