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The "Dog Whisperer" is back, this time to answer emergency calls from communities terrorized by unruly canines. Renowned dog behavior authority Cesar Millan is beckoned by the relatives, friends, neighbors or co-workers of someone whose four-legged menace has turned lives upside down. In each episode, Millan meets with the whistle-blowers in a briefing session, then he evaluates both the pets and the owners through impromptu visits to the neighborhood locations to see dogs display their doggone behavior and watch how owners react. After rehabilitation programs are set up, Cesar uses surveillance cameras to track progress and ensure a lasting solution. The final test comes when all parties gather together in the community -- owners equipped with the knowledge and tools Cesar has provided, and dogs ready to prove they did learn new tricks.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Cesar meets pit bull mix Ivy, an escape artist who's fear is triggered by loud noises.
aired 2 days ago
Cesar helps legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld get better control of his two dachshunds, and an entire dog-loving community to welcome a troubled terrier mix into the fold.
aired 98 days ago
An owner who cannot control two aggressive St. Bernards; a poodle that is ruining a 20-year friendship.
aired 98 days ago
Cesar comes to the aid of a black German shepherd named Tasi that is terrorizing his neighborhood.
VOD available
Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan helps out-of-control canines in this compilation from the show.
VOD available
Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan takes on giant canines in this compilation from the show.
VOD available
Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan helps tiny terrors in this compilation from the show.
aired 348 days ago
Cesar Millan helps some of the most unruly workplace canines.
aired 348 days ago
Cesar Millan comes face-to-face with canine chaos that tears at the fabric of household harmony.
aired 375 days ago
Cesar helps Joe, whose teenage daughter, Sydney, has an aggressive pit bull that has attacked other dogs.
aired 379 days ago
Cesar works with an aggressive Afghan Kuchi and a couple struggling with three large dogs.
aired 379 days ago
It's Cesar to the rescue of a good-hearted woman whose dog fostering operation is threatened by her aggressive French bulldog/Terrier mix, and a couple whose marriage is under attack by their adorable Tibetan terrier.
aired 379 days ago
Cesar handles a dangerous German Shepherd and helps with an aggressive Viszla puppy.
aired 379 days ago
Caitlin's friends, Susan and Sunny, are convinced that she can't control Leon, her adopted Golden Retriever-Chow mix.
aired 379 days ago
Cesar enrolls the owner of an aggressive German shepherd in boxing lessons to toughen up.
aired 379 days ago
A family has a pug who is attacking both them and their other dogs; a ranch family's rottweiler mix is killing their livestock.
aired 431 days ago
Cesar must rehabilitate two aggressive boxers; helps a teacher stop her chihuahua from attacking.
aired 556 days ago
Cesar visits a woman who has called about a neighbor's wire fox terrier, Toby, who is causing trouble in the neighborhood.
aired 577 days ago
Cesar rehabilitates a threatening pit bull; cancer survivor is desperate to keep her Italian Mastiff mix from fighting other dogs.
aired 708 days ago
Cesar works with a hard-charging pit bull and a Sheltie that barks at small appliances.
aired 709 days ago
Cesar hopes to tame a pack of three Chihuahua's who are disrupting the house and creating anxiety for owner Ivan.

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