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Deadly Secrets

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Suspenseful games of cat-and-mouse between villains and everyday heroes who struggle to derail their evil intentions.

Latest episodes

aired 139 days ago
An affair with another man's wife embroils fun-loving James Raine in a world of deceit and greed leading to murder; James' older brother, Enoch, and his uncle, William, battle to uncover the murderer and stop the killing.
aired 139 days ago
In Florida, Zoe Pulver and Jane Long work for tax attorney Ashley Pollow, who has a violent temper; when a grisly murder takes place, Pulver and Long find themselves working side by side with a killer.
aired 139 days ago
When a serial arsonist murders four people in a California hardware store, fire investigators Marvin Casey and John Orr become obsessed with the case; as fires continue to burn across the state, the two are pushed to their limits to stop the killing.
aired 139 days ago
Lizzie Welsh is killed in a tragic trucking accident, leaving behind her young son, Conner; now, Lizzie's brother-in-law, Gary, believes her death was no accident, and that Conner may be next to die.
aired 184 days ago
Lonely widow Marilyn Burdick finds love again with Louis Plunkett, a charming real-estate agent; Marilyn's only daughter, Karen, and her husband, Jason, doubt Louis' motivations and tension quickly escalates, triggering a deadly series of events.
aired 184 days ago
Seventeen-year-old Steven Willis is working in a mechanic's shop when a horrific murder rocks his family; haunted by survivor's guilt, Steven embarks on a journey to bring the killer to justice.