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Hometown Homicide

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The urgency and intimacy of local news reports capture the murder investigations that turned small towns and communities upside down.

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In August 1992, millionaire Tennessee landowner Allen Roberts arrives home to discover his wife is missing; he tells police he received a ransom call for Doe's safe return; slowly, the town turns on Allen, until police take note of one odd neighbor.
aired 5 days ago
In May 2017, high school teacher Theresa Lockhart is a no-show at her confirmation sponsor's big event; later, her car is discovered with nothing inside, prompting police to turn the community upside down.
aired 5 days ago
Forty-year-old Rachael Anderson disappears without a trace after calling a friend about a home improvement project she'll never complete.
aired 5 days ago
In March 2014, North Carolina high school freshman Danielle Locklear slips out to see a friend but never returns home; as hours turn to days, her family members as well as the townspeople begin to wonder if a killer could be in their midst.
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Roger Kemp finds the body of his murdered 19-year-old daughter, Ali, at the neighborhood pool where she worked; Kemp embarks on a quest to find his daughter's killer using billboards.
aired 22 days ago
College student Jessica O'Grady vanishes one night, making locals wonder if she was kidnapped, especially since another woman disappeared a week earlier.
aired 22 days ago
In August 2000, 17-year-old Jessica Carpenter is found murdered in her Aiken, S.C., home by her mother; local reporters and family members tell the story of a town frozen in terror as police search for a possible serial killer on the loose.
airs in 13 days
Businesspeople John and Liz Calvert vanish in 2008 from Hilton Head, S.C.; friends, investigators and local reporters are shocked and in disbelief that a couple could disappear without a trace in such a peaceful place.
airs in 6 days
Debora Gail Moody vanishes into thin air from her home in Ludowici Ga.; a decade passes in her case with no answers; her family persists by posting billboards all around town; 11 years later, a confession reveals the chilling details.

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Investigations of disappearances and slayings turn communities upside down.